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The Alex Collier Aid Project


Millions of people on planet Earth have heard my friend Alex Collier reporting the good, bad and ugly truth regarding extraterrestrials. However, most people do not know that Alex paid a price for going public with that information. For the past few years, he has been unable to get work due to his reputation as an “alien conspiracy” theorist. This situation also contributed directly to the destruction of his marriage and family life. He really needs some help right now to get back on his feet.

On December 1, 2011 Alex created a PayPal account to accept funds electronically.

Please send your donations to:

Or, if you prefer to send a money order please use the address below:

Alex Collier

PO box 795

Morrison, CO 80465

On October 28 of 2011, Alex was a guest on my show: The Unicus Radio Hour. At that time, I urged people that know and respect Alex around the world to come to his aid. Although a few people have offered to help… the situation for Alex remains dire. He has been trying to find work for the past few years with no luck. Here is a message I received from him on November 29, 2011:


Sleeping in a friend’s pop up trailer with no heat.
Could use any help at all.
Prayers, energy clearing, donation whatever…………
I hope this is the darkness before the dawn, buddy.
I am very, very tired……….


PO box 795

Morrison, CO 80465

Thank you very much for your support.

Robert M. Stanley

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