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A Pacific-wide Tsunami Warning and Communication Exercise 9–10 November 2011

Most of the world’s earthquakes and tsunamis occur in the Pacific Ocean and its marginal seas. On average, the Pacific is struck by a locally damaging tsunami every year or two, and by a major Pacific-wide tsunami a few times each century. Over the past three years (2009–2011), the Pacific witnessed three destructive and deadly tsunamis that each placed PTWS (Pacific Tsunami Warning and Mitigation System) countries in various levels of warning for distant tsunamis. Locally, five countries were impacted nearly immediately with people having only 10 to 30 minutes before the first large waves hit.

On 29 September 2009, Samoa, American Samoa, and Tonga were hit by the largest deadly tsunami since the 1998 Sissano, Papua New Guinea, event. Altogether, 192 lives were lost locally. This was followed, five months later by the 27 February 2010 Chile tsunami where 124 lives were lost. And one year later, the Pacific and the world watched the 11 March 2011 Japan tsunami devastate the Honshu coastlines within 30 minutes claiming tens of thousands of lives.

In the 11 March 2011 tsunami in Japan, arguably the most tsunami-prepared country in the world, more than 25,000 people lost their lives. In reviewing the Pacific Tsunami Warning System (IOC Technical Series, 92 [IOC/2010/TS/92] for 27 February 2010; and IOC Technical Series, 96 [IOC/2011/TS/96] for 11 March 2011), it can be said that while countries in general responded well to the 2010 and 2011 tsunamis as distant sources, there is still a need to reflect on how Member States can improve in responding to local tsunamis.

A Pacific-wide tsunami exercise is an effective tool for evaluating the readiness of the PTWS and to identify changes that can improve its effectiveness. The first Pacific-wide exercise, “Exercise Pacific Wave 06” (IOC/INF-1244), was carried out on 16 and 17 May 2006 using Philippines and Chile tsunami sources. The second exercise “Exercise Pacific Wave08” (IOC/2008/TS/82), was carried out from 28 to 30 October 2008 using a northeast Japan source.

At the Twenty-fourth Session of the ICG/PTWS held in Beijing, China, from 24 to 27 May 2011, Member States reviewed the proposal of the PTWS Exercise Task Team and approved the conduct of Exercise Pacific Wave 11 (Exercise Pacific Wave 11) on 9 and 10 November 2011 as a multi-scenario exercise to allow countries to improve their readiness for local and regional tsunamis.

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