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Proof Aliens Exist -
The Weirdest Truth In the Bible

Proof Aliens Exist! The Weirdest Truth In the Bible: The Simple Solution To the Alien Question (and Why God Seemed So "Cruel" In the Old Testament), by Marc Speed

In this article I'm going to talk about the Biblical proof aliens exist. Yes, I can prove from the Bible that "aliens" are real, although they're not what most people think they are. I'm going to talk about the history of where aliens came from and where they are today.

Marc's new book End Times Explained reveals how the Bible predicts that "aliens" will be a huge part of the "end times" (the last days of this age). Click on the book to the right to learn more.

The information I share in this article is just another piece of evidence that what the accurately translated Bible says matches up perfectly with what we see in the physical world around us both in history and in modern times. So let’s dive in and talk about the Biblical proof that aliens exist - they're just not what most people think they are!

The story of "aliens" actually starts with giants.

Proof Aliens Exist...The History: Giants!

Did you know there are giants in the Bible? Yes, literal giants – big, big, big dudes and dudettes. Let me show you some verses that talk about giants roaming the earth, and then I’ll explain their importance to you and I in the modern world.

Deuteronomy 3:11 says, “For only Og king of Bashan was left of the remnant of the giants…” (literally “Rephaim” which is the Hebrew word for giants), “…Behold, his bedstead was an iron bedstead; it is in Rabbah of the sons of Ammon. Its length was nine cubits and its width four cubits by a man’s forearm.” A cubit was about 17 and a half inches long (about a foot and a half). So this guy was over 13 feet tall!

Deuteronomy 2:10-12 says, “The Emims dwelt therein in times past, a people great, and many, and tall, as the Anakims; which also were accounted giants, as the Anakims; but the Moabites called them Emims. The Horims also dwelt in Seir beforetime; but the children of Esau succeeded them, when they had destroyed them from before them, and dwelt in their stead; as Israel did unto the land of his possession, which the LORD gave unto them.”

Deuteronomy 2:19-21 says, “And when thou comest nigh over against the children of Ammon, distress them not, nor meddle with them: for I will not give thee of the land of the children of Ammon any possession; because I have given it unto the children of Lot for a possession. That also was accounted a land of giants: giants dwelt therein in old time; and the Ammonites call them Zamzummims; A people great, and many, and tall, as the Anakims; but the LORD destroyed them before them; and they succeeded them, and dwelt in their stead.”

Joshua 17:15 says, “And Joshua answered them, If thou be a great people, then get thee up to the wood country, and cut down for thyself there in the land of the Perizzites and of the giants, if mount Ephraim be too narrow for thee.”

Joshua 15:8 mentions “the end of the valley of the giants northward”. (Notice how a lot of these mentions of giants are concerning the land which Israel was supposed to take over – this is important, as you will see.)

Remember Goliath, who had his head cut off by a little God-empowered boy named David? Remember how tall the Bible says Goliath was? 1 Samuel 17:4 tells us his height was “six cubits and a span”. That would make him 9 feet 5 inches tall. Big dude!


And here’s my favorite passage about giants in the Bible – remember the 12 spies who went in to spy out the land of Canaan, 10 of whom came back scared spitless? Why were they scared spitless? Because everybody they saw there was HUGE. Numbers 13:32-33 reports the spies saying, “The land through which we have gone, in spying it out, is a land that devours its inhabitants…” (its inhabitants were violent – this will be important to keep in mind as we go along) “…and all the people whom we saw in it are of great size. There we saw the Nephilim (the sons of Anak are part of the Nephilim); and we were like grasshoppers in our own sight, and so we were in their sight.”

Preachers often preach on this passage, trying to encourage us to not be afraid of our problems but have faith instead, and they like to criticize these 10 spies for being scared. These preachers act as if the Canaanites just seemed huge to the spies, and the fear was all in the spies’ heads. These preachers fail to recognize that the Bible teaches in several places that there were real giants in those days – and in this case, they all seemed to be hanging out in Canaan! (See my new book End Times Explained to see why it’s so important to interpret passages like Numbers 13:32-33 literally when the Bible gives us no logical reason to do otherwise.)

My friends, there have been human-like skeletons dug up from the ground that measure up to 25 feet tall.

Of course, they’re always whisked away to some non-famous museum where hardly anybody will ever see them (or they’re hidden altogether), for a reason which you’ll understand in a moment. (For now I’ll just say that Satan, the god of this age – 2 Cor. 4:4 – and his handpicked leaders who control the world for him – Luke 4:5-6 – don’t want the world to know about the existence of these giants in the past.)

Also rarely talked about in the media or history books (but much harder to hide) are huge structures built long ago. There are several ancient sites where incredibly massive stones were put together to form a wall, and the stones are so large that even today with our modern technology we would have no hope of moving them and arranging them into a structure such as these giants did long ago.

For example, what is probably the largest cut stone in the world is found about half a mile away from Acropolis at Baalbec, located about halfway between Beirut and Damascus. The Acropolis is supposed to have been a Roman Temple dedicated to the god Jupiter-Baal, but no classical scholar has yet been able to explain how three massive cut stones could have been lifted to rest on a substructure 23ft. high. Neither Bechtel nor the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, the leading experts on heavy lifting and moving can do that feat today even with the most sophisticated machinery. Each stone weighs in the region of 1,200 tons.

One stone which is 68ft. long and roughly 14 ft. square is found in the quarry within sight of the Acropolis, about half a mile away. This quarry was presumably the origin of the massive stones in place in the Acropolis.

There is much more evidence that literal giants walked the earth in the past, such as giant axes longer than a human is tall, found in Sumer. I don’t have space in this article to go into too much more detail on the physical proof that these giants existed – you can study it on your own. If you study the subject I believe you’ll find (as I did) that archeology and the existence of these amazing structures confirm what the Bible says about real giants existing in ancient times.

Think about it – there is absolutely no reason for the spies in Numbers 13:32-33 to say “We looked like grasshoppers to them” if it wasn’t literally true. I would never say that about somebody who was just a few inches taller than me – that would be a ridiculous thing to say. These Canaanites had to be very, very big, or the spies’ statement makes no sense. Remember, these spies were not teenagers making snide comments about a tall guy they saw on the street – they were serious warriors trying to help their leader decide whether it was prudent to go to war. It doesn’t make sense for them to exaggerate so drastically in a situation like that. Together with the Bible’s extensive testimony about the existence of literal giants, we can only logically conclude that the Canaanites were literal giants.

So I don’t look down on the spies so much anymore! How would you like to go up against a 15-foot-tall dude and duke it out with swords?!?! I sure wouldn’t! It would take a lot of faith to believe we 6-footers could win a war against a bunch of guys that make Shaq look like a 5th-grader!

So now…the million-dollar question: Where did these giants come from – how did they come to be so big, so…abnormal?

Well, the Bible tells us. In Genesis 6:4, it says, “The Nephilim were on the earth in those days, and also afterward, when the sons of God came in to the daughters of men, and they bore children to them. Those were the mighty men who were of old, men of renown.”

“The sons of God” are contrasted with the “daughters of men”; from this and the fact that the term “sons of God” is used of fallen angels in league with Satan in Job 1:6 and 2:1, and of angels elsewhere (Job 38:7), we know that this is speaking of fallen angels. The word “Nephilim” in Hebrew means “fallen ones”. So according to the Bible, these giants were the offspring of fallen angels and humans.

The Bible’s story is corroborated by many other ancient civilizations which tell stories of “watchers” or “those who from heaven came” (they all use slightly different terms for the fallen angels of course) who interbred with humans to produce hybrid giants. (The historical evidence for this and the stories about it in different ancient cultures are another subject for you to study on your own because I simply don’t have time to go into it in this article.)

Some of you astute Bible students may remember that in Mark 12:25 Jesus said that the angels in heaven are not married. Correct. Angels in heaven are not married. That doesn’t mean fallen angels couldn’t marry or have sex if they were on earth. Hebrews 13:12 actually tells us plainly that angels have the ability to change form into human appearance when on earth. The Bible never says angels can’t ever marry or have sex under any circumstances or when they’re in physical form, it just says that they don’t marry when they’re in heaven.

In fact this is the very thing Jude 6 and 2 Peter 2:4 state clearly – this particular group of fallen angels, in addition to rebelling against God and serving Satan instead, also “kept not their first abode” – they didn’t stay in heaven. They came to earth, where God did not intend them to operate as a matter of course. (As we all know, humans also do many things and operate in many ways in which God did not intend us to operate. God allows this during this period in history for reasons I go into in my other articles.) These disobedient angels created a huge problem on earth – and though nothing surprises God, this was a problem He couldn’t let get out of hand, or it would destroy His whole long-term plan for the human race.

Again, nothing surprises God – He had a reason for allowing the fallen angels to do what they did– a reason I’ll explain towards the end of this article. However, He did have to make sure that He dealt with it somewhat so it wouldn’t derail His plan for the human race. So for now let’s look at how God initially dealt with the huge problem the fallen angels created when they disobeyed by casting aside their God-given roles and coming to earth to mate with human women.

Some of you may be complaining mentally that “If God is so powerful He should fix everything now and never let any of this kind of thing happen.” OK, then – put yourself in God’s shoes. You either create robots (no fun at all), or you create beings that have some semblance of decision-making capacity (in which case you immediately have problems, as any parent knows). God does have a long-term plan to remove all the biggest problems in the world, but that’s a subject for another article – God’s Great Plan For Humanity.

Proof Aliens Exist...The History Continued: The Reason For God’s “Cruelty” in the Old Testament Was Getting Rid of a BIG Problem

The historical fact that fallen angels came to earth and mated with human women to produce giant mutant offspring perfectly explains one of the “mysteries” of the Old Testament – God’s seeming “cruelty” in commanding the Israelites to go into Canaan and kill everybody (women & children included). The same “cruelty” accusation is hurled at God about the great flood. Why would God purposefully kill so many people?

Simple. They were not fully human – they were half-human, half-angel hybrids – and they were nasty. The Bible (Gen 6:2-13, Numbers 13:32-33 and others) and historical records tell us that these giants were extremely destructive, violent, sexually deviant, and evil in every way. If you study the subject (which you may have to do on your own to be fully convinced of all this, I apologize I simply don’t have the space in this article to give you a lot of detailed proof, I’m only giving you a general overview), you will find that it is likely that the world’s pagan religions – designed to deceive and exploit people and lead them away from the one true God – originated with the teachings of these fallen angels and their hybrid offspring. (That would make sense, wouldn’t it.) And it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that because of their physical prowess these giants quickly gained power and ruled over mere men, had sex with whoever they wanted without anyone being able to stop them (rape), ate up much of the food supply with their voracious appetites, etc. In other words, these giants were a big (literally!) problem!

In the early days of mankind, these hybrids multiplied so quickly and widely that eventually there were hardly any pure-blooded humans left on earth. We know this because God chose Noah, who in addition to being a rare righteous man, was also one of the few left who was “perfect in his generations” (Gen. 6:9), to survive the flood and carry on the human race. “Perfect in his generations” doesn’t mean he was perfect (although he was a righteous man, which was also rare in those days), but rather perfect in his generations – he didn’t have any fallen angel blood in his bloodline.

Genesis 6:2-13 describes for us the huge problems (no pun intended) these giants created in the earth, which came to a head in the days of Noah. In verse 6 we see that after these giants/Nephilim/human-angel-hybrids had been roaming the earth for a while, the earth was so full of evil that God actually had moments where He regretted creating it. Why was the earth so full of evil? Because it was full of the offspring of fallen angels! Human beings are created in the image of God, and of course all humans (except Christ) have sinned. But these hybrids were genetic monstrosities with great propensity toward evil (like their fallen angel parents/grandparents/great-grandparents, etc.) God had to do something, or soon there would be no such thing as a pure human being any more! If God let things go on the way they were going, He would essentially have to scrap the whole plan and start over from scratch if He wanted to accomplish anything with beings made in His image.

So that’s the reason for the flood. God was not being cruel, He was getting rid of horrendously violent, evil, harmful beings that were brought into existence by the disobedience of fallen angels and were corrupting the DNA of all mankind with their unstoppable (except by God) reproduction with whoever they wanted (rape).

Now, we know that there were giants/Nephilim on the earth after the flood too – the Bible says so in Genesis 6:4. Either fallen angels interbred with human women again after the flood, or some giants survived the flood somehow. These were the giant hybrids that Israel ran into when God told them to take over the land of Canaan. According to some researchers, it was not an accident that Canaan was full of giants – they say God purposefully brought most of the offspring of the fallen angels alive at that time into the land of Canaan. How did He do that?


Well, according to some Christian and historical researchers, because the fallen angels and their offspring were in direct opposition to the one true God, and they knew God had promised the land of Canaan to Abraham’s descendants, they purposefully all gathered in Canaan to live, to try to block the purpose of God from coming to pass. But God was actually allowing/causing these evil, violent, problem-causing giants to gather in one place so that they would be sitting ducks, ready to be eliminated from the earth by Abraham’s descendants. (Kind of like the old fool-Satan-into-crucifying-Christ to fulfill God’s bigger purpose trick.) A secondary benefit for God would be that when His people (mere men) defeated these huge giants in battle, He would get the credit and the surrounding peoples would have a testimony at that time in history that He was the one true God.

So this is the reason for God’s “cruelty” in commanding the Israelites to kill everybody in Canaan regardless of gender or age. There is really no modern equivalent to compare this to. The closest thing might be to imagine if millions of physically huge violent rapists and serial killers were roaming the earth, and we had to somehow get rid of them. The earth became a much, much better place after these hybrid giants were decimated. This also explains God’s “racism” in telling the Israelites “Don’t mingle with them, don’t mate with them, etc.” – He was trying to keep their bloodlines purely human. The more you study the Bible the more you see that God has a logical reason for everything He does.

Ancient cultures also record (you’ll have to look this up on your own) that the hybrids were doing other types of genetic experimentation with animals and humans. This seems to be corroborated in the Bible. 2 Samuel 23:20 tells us that a valiant Israelite warrior named Benaiah killed two “lion-like men” of Moab. The Moabites were one of the groups of “ites” (Midianites, Hittites, Amalekites, etc.) that God had commanded Israel to wipe out completely. Some of these Moabites obviously had lion-like features of some kind, because the Bible (when you translate the verse accurately) goes out of its way to point out that fact. Here we see again that these were not pure humans, they were weird, nasty hybrids. In this case, they were even possibly the result of genetic experiments with humans and animals.

The verse I just mentioned tells us that after he killed the two lion-like men, Benaiah then went and killed a lion. The Bible doesn’t explicitly say why he killed the lion, but it’s quite possible he did so to try to help stem the tide of crazy genetic experimentation that was producing these lion-like men. Think about it – why would the Bible go out of its way to tell us this story. What’s the big deal about killing a lion? Millions of lions have been killed by men throughout history. Coupled with the killing of the lion-like men, it’s not much of a stretch to say that the Bible records Benaiah killing the lion too, for a reason. Benaiah’s deeds are part of a Bible passage that records the deeds of the mighty Israelite warriors who fought with David against the Philistines and the various “ites”. (The Philistines were also hybrids as we know from the most famous of them, Goliath the giant.) It’s hard to imagine God talking in glowing terms about these mighty warriors who took part in (and initiated) a lot of war and killing, etc. – unless it was for a necessary purpose.

You see, if you walk into a movie theater in the middle of the movie and see one person taking out a gun and shooting another, you might think, “That’s murder!” But what you missed was the whole build up to that scene in the first hour of the movie, which showed that the person who got shot was a violent serial rapist and the shooter was a woman about to be raped. Good Hollywood scriptwriters always make sure the hero/protagonist in a movie has a good reason for doing any violent or disruptive acts, so that the audience doesn’t get mad at the protagonist, but roots for him/her instead.

The vast majority of the Old Testament violence committed by the Israelites was commanded by God for a good reason, but modern ignoramuses walk in to the theater in the middle of the movie (judge the Bible without knowing much about it), and then criticize God for “murder”. Again, my simple point is, God had a good reason for commanding Israel to wipe these evil hybrids out.

So, were the giant hybrids eliminated and removed from the earth at that time? Nope. The Israelites did not fully obey God and they never fully eliminated the Canaanite giant hybrids. I won’t give you all the Scripture references for this, it’s described in many places in the Old Testament that Israel did not fully obey God in this regard. Also, just because, as one Bible verse says, “only Og was left of the remnant of the giants”, doesn’t mean he was the only one left anywhere on earth; in context it could easily mean he was the last of the giants in that particular area, or the last significant leader of the giants. Also, it would be logical to assume that Og, a king, would have had kids – but perhaps he had them with purely human women and thus his offspring were not as big as he was.

So then, what happened to the surviving offspring of the fallen angels? Let’s get to the real point of this article, and find out…

Proof Aliens Exist...History After the Flood: The Hybrid Elite Never Stopped Serving Satan

Because the Israelites did not fully eliminate the giant human-angel hybrids, some of them survived. This did not surprise God – nothing does. Though the hybrids survived because of the disobedience of the Israelites, God used this to His ultimate advantage; you’ll find out how at the end of this article. Remember – if God “loses”, it’s always because He’s doing it on purpose, for a reason in the grand scheme of things.

Now, it’s simple common sense that because some of these hybrids survived, there are some people alive today who are descendants of these hybrid beings, although their angel/hybrid blood is likely to be very diluted, and they would probably look just like regular humans – and for the most part, be and act like 100% pure humans. Also, as you’ll see later, Daniel 2:43 talks about hybrids being on earth in the last days. So even if you believe Og was literally the last of the ancient giants, the Bible tells us that this genetic mixing of fallen angels and humans must pick up again at some time before the end times. So where are these hybrids today? Can any of them be identified?

Well, to answer that, let’s talk “big picture”, look at history, observe the modern world, and examine some intriguing things that were said by Christ, examine some intriguing things written in the book of Revelation, and put the clues together.

In the “big picture”, it is a simple fact that God is allowing Satan to rule the world and to handpick its rulers during this age (2 Cor. 4:4, Luke 4:5-6). So, in theory, (I realize the following is just speculation, not proof, but I believe it is valid to point out, especially considering the Biblical statements we’ll look at later), who could Satan trust more to rule the world his way, than the literal physical descendants of his fallen angel servants?

We can see from Genesis 6:2-13 that the physical offspring of fallen angels had a great propensity for doing things Satan’s way. Historically and Biblically it seems they had a much greater propensity for “stealing, killing, and destroying” (John 10:10) than mere humans (see Gen. 6:2-13). So – if you were Satan, why wouldn’t you take advantage of that? Why wouldn’t you use people to rule the world for you, who naturally and easily do what you want them to do?

That’s the big picture. What about history? Are there any clues there?

Well, the first thing you should know about history is that the same basic false religions that originated in Babylon (and probably before that with the fallen angels and their first offspring) have ruled the earth in combination with political power throughout history. (See my article on Mystery Babylon.) It is only in recent times (as travel and information-sharing technology advanced greatly) that Satan’s elite had to “separate” religion and “state” worldwide, creating the ruse of “democracy” (two-party rule of politicians who of necessity serve the mega-rich elite not the people) as a smokescreen for them to hide behind.

The first false religions were created as an exploitative tool when great men (warriors) who had gathered a following because of their power to protect, would die. The servants of a great man didn’t want to lose their power and perks (free money, free everything from the people who served the big leader!), so they refashioned themselves as “priests” of their former leader’s spirit. They told the people that the spirit of the dead man was still alive, that he was now a god, and that if the people worshiped the spirit of the dead man – and kept bringing their stuff to the “priests” of course! – that everything would go well; but if they displeased their “god” – by failing to do what the priests said – things would go badly for the people. The same exact type of religious exploitation has been going on ever since.

This “great man’s dead spirit worship” is the origin of demon-worship. We see in the gospels how the ancient Israelites believed in the existence of these “daemons” or spirits of ancient leaders. A modern version would be some Catholics praying to dead saints (dead “great men”) – a pagan originated practice that is condemned in the Bible. Same old thing.

It may surprise you, because most Christians don’t know this, but a demon and a fallen angel are not the same thing! When Jesus cast out demons he was not casting out fallen angels! He was casting out the spirits of dead men from long ago. That’s what a “daemon” was in the ancient mind! Huh? Why would Jesus validate a pagan belief by casting out a “daemon”, or the spirit of a dead leader from the past? Why didn’t He just tell everybody, “Hey listen guys, don’t be stupid, there’s no such thing as the spirit of a dead leader from long ago”? Why did He treat daemons – the spirits of dead leaders from long ago – as if they were real, and even go so far as to describe their behavior in detail? (See Matt. 12:43-45)

Because they are real. See, this is where it gets interesting. Let me explain.

Proverbs 9:18 in the literal Hebrew says that when adultery is committed, “giants are there”. Huh? What are giants doing hanging around adulterous situations? Aren’t all the giants dead (with the exception of some of their modern weakened-blood descendants)? Yes. And doesn’t the Bible say that when a human dies, they are unconscious? (See Ecc. 9:5 and 12:7 and my article What Really Happens When You Die to find out how the Bible makes it ultra-clear that humans are not conscious after death – “the dead know nothing” – but their “spirit/breath returns to God who gave it” unconsciously.) So yes, the Bible says straight out in Ecclesiastes 9:5 that when a human dies they are unconscious. But the giants were not fully human, were they? Aha… are you starting to get where I’m going?

Many of the great warriors and leaders of ancient times who could gather people around them because of their prodigious powers of warfare and protection, were not mere men, they were the giant hybrids. It’s quite possible that when the servants/priests of these hybrid giant warriors told the people “they are a conscious spirit now”, that they were actually telling the truth. Of course, the “they are a god, worship them and bring me your stuff” part was a lie, but the “they are conscious in a form that is not perceptible with the physical senses” part may very well have been true. There are two reasons I say this: The first reason I already mentioned – Jesus acted as if these “daemons” (spirits of ancient dead leaders) were totally real (Matt. 12:43-45). That reason all by itself is enough.

The second reason is a bit more controversial in Christian circles (possibly for good reason), but I’ll mention it anyway because there might be something to it. The book of Enoch is not considered “canon Scripture” by most of Christianity (an issue I will not debate here, other than to say I personally haven’t studied it in depth enough to say 100% one way or the other), but it talks in greater depth about the period of time that is mentioned briefly in Genesis 6. You might say Genesis 6 gives us the Cliff’s Notes version, the book of Enoch is the novel. It’s possible there might be some validity to what the book of Enoch says even if it’s not considered canon Scripture (the inspired Word of God) by most of Christianity, because canon Scripture says “Enoch prophesied” (Jude 14). If the Bible quotes Enoch the prophet, much of what he said must be trustworthy or worthwhile, you would think. (The next question you’d have to study would be if the book of Enoch was actually written by Enoch or if it’s an accurate representation of his words.) Some scholars say that it’s quite possible Jesus and others back then considered the book of Enoch to be part of the “scriptures” (what we would call the Old Testament). It’s also interesting that Satan’s handpicked world leaders in the middle ages buried the book of Enoch for hundreds of years (I won’t tell the story of how it came back to light). Why would they make such an effort to bury it unless they were afraid of what it said?

You see, it’s easy for people to read quickly through Genesis and the whole Bible, and completely miss the “giants thing”. But if you read through the book of Enoch, you can’t miss it. The fallen angels disobeying God, mating with women and producing hybrid violent nasty giants - and the conflicts between Godly humans and these hybrids etc., is the main point of the whole book! In my partial read-through of Enoch I didn’t see anything in those parts of the story that contradict anything in Genesis 6, it’s just far more detailed. Why would Satan’s handpicked leaders be afraid of the contents of the book of Enoch becoming well-known?

The answer will be clear by the end of this article. First, here’s my main point about the book of Enoch: The Bible tells us in 2 Peter 2:4 and Jude 6 that the punishment for these fallen angels who “kept not their first abode” (came to earth and mated with human women) was to be kept in bonds of darkness until the judgment of the “great day”. But what about their hybrid offspring – was there any punishment for them? Or did they get away scott-free for all the trouble they caused?

Well, the book of Enoch says that God’s punishment for the hybrid offspring of the fallen angels was that they would not become unconscious but rather would remain conscious in non-physical form and would constantly hunger and thirst and cause mankind trouble. You say, “Yeah, the Book of Enoch says that but the generally-accepted Canon of Scripture doesn’t”. Point taken, however, Jesus corroborated this teaching of the book of Enoch by treating daemons as real beings with behavior patterns that perfectly match what Enoch says (Matt. 12:43-45)!

It stands to reason that when a being that is part fallen angel (a spiritual being that is usually not visible in the natural 3-dimensional realm which can be perceived by our 5 physical human senses) and part human, “dies” (it’s physical/human characteristics stop operating), that the spiritual being part of it might stay as-is and remains conscious. (See my article What Really Happens When You Die to see how a fully-human being does become totally unconscious at death, however.) This is exactly what Jesus (by affirming the existence of real beings known back then as “daemons” and today as “demons”) and the book of Enoch tell us!

Remember Proverbs 9:18? This explains why Proverbs says “giants” (demons) hang around adulterous situations!

So demons, although they are not to be worshiped and are not “gods” as the pagan religions say, are real. It seems that the ancient pagan religions were started when the servants of these ancient leaders seized upon a real occurrence – their hybrid leaders being punished by God by becoming “daemons”/demons upon the death of their human body – to exploit mankind.

Just a point of interest for Christians – we don’t know for sure whether demons and fallen angels work together today. The Bible doesn’t explicitly say so, although it seems likely that they would – I don’t see why they wouldn’t. From Paul’s statement in Ephesians 6:12 it seems there is a hierarchy of angels who rebelled against God and serve Satan. The fact that “our battle is against them” (combined with statements in the book of Enoch, if you choose to give them credence) would tell us that it was probably only a small number (a couple hundred) rebellious angels that actually came to earth and mated with human women, and are now being kept in a dark place by God until the time comes for them to be judged (2 Pet. 2:4, Jude 6). The hierarchy described in Ephesians 6:12 may also include at the lower levels, demons. We don’t know. But rebellious angels are real, and demons are real – they just can’t be perceived by our 5 physical senses.

By the way, to think something cannot be real just because our 5 physical senses can’t pick it up is ridiculous. Ever heard of a dog whistle? You’re clueless, you hear nothing – but your dog perks up! How about a radio? Stick a radio next to your head – you hear nothing; tune it to the right frequency, and music comes out. Yet without the radio you sense nothing. My point is, the 5 physical senses a human being has are extremely limited. So are the 5 physical senses of a dog, or the frequencies a radio can pick up. Just because a physical instrument or our 5 physical senses can’t pick it up doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. In fact, scientists have proven that there are more dimensions than the four dimensions of which we are physically aware (length, height, width, time). (See the writings of Dr. Hugh Ross for more information on this.)

So for the purposes of the main point of this article (which I’ve been building up to all along), what I want you to get from what I’ve explained about the history of pagan religions and the existence of real beings known as demons, fallen angels, and hybrid giants is this:

a) Hybrid giants ruled much of the earth in the past because of their physical prowess.

b) Throughout history the servants – and by simple logic, the descendants – of these giant hybrids were those who KEPT POWER through pagan fear-based exploitative religions which were the BASIS FOR POLITICAL POWER.

c) Hybrids still exist on earth, though their fallen-angel blood is greatly weakened in intensity and they look and act for all intents and purposes (at least outwardly) like pure humans, but may have a greater-than-human propensity toward evil.

Can you figure out what my point D might be? Here it is:

d) Hybrids still rule the earth and they have a sinister plan for the future (what the Bible calls “the end of this age”) that includes fallen angels masquerading as “aliens”.

There, I laid out the point of this article. Want proof? Good. Keep reading.

We’ve looked at the big picture and we’ve seen that Satan handpicks the world’s leaders and would naturally handpick those who most naturally serve him – the evil-prone hybrid descendants of fallen angels fit the bill perfectly. We’ve looked at history and we’ve seen that political power was born with the physical prowess and protection-power of powerful warrior giant hybrids, and it was carried on by the descendants and servants of these giant hybrids, who cleverly continued their political power by claiming spiritual power based on worshipping a daemon-“gods”. (This is why the symbolism of so many different ancient pagan religions worldwide is so similar all over the world – sun worship, dragon/serpent worship, etc.)

Now lets look at the modern world and the Bible’s statements about end-time world leaders and put the puzzle together.

Proof Aliens Exist: The Modern World

If you study the leadership of the modern world you will realize that everything the Bible says about the people who rule the world (that they are evil and handpicked by Satan, the god of this world – see 2 Cor. 4:4 and Luke 4:5-6) is absolutely true. You are not going to hear this on CNN or Fox News. Satan’s news will tell you that “our leaders are doing their best although we may not always agree with them”. Hogwash. They are not doing their best for us, they are exploiting us and they know it. (If they’re really just incompetent at making things better for us, how is it that they are so amazingly competent at making things better for themselves?)

The leadership of the world are evil Luciferians at the top levels, and money-servants (who of necessity serve the richest of the rich Luciferian bankers), at the level below that. For the most part, a person who is unwilling to hurt the masses for personal gain is a true rarity – maybe a Congressman here or there. If you do want all the physical proof you need that the people who run the world are totally evil, just read my article about The Economy and the Book of Revelation - The #4 Little-Known Key To Understanding the Book of Revelation. (The economy is their main tool of exploitation; it is a super-simple scam although the masses are never taught how it works and thus go along with it.)

Now let’s look at a little-known (but nonetheless true) physical fact about the people who run the world today: an uncanny number of them are related by blood. This could fill a book all its own, but just a few quick examples: George W. Bush is 10th cousins once removed with Obama. Bush Jr. is also related by blood to many former presidents and to Winston Churchill (in three different ways!). George Bush Sr. is 10th cousin once removed and in two ways an eleventh cousin of his wife Barbara. (Barbara also shares several family lines with Abigail Adams, the only other woman who was both wife and mother to U.S. Presidents.) It’s quite amazing to study. The royal families of Europe are actually just one big royal family. A huge percentage of U.S. presidents could trace their bloodline to European royalty, many to just one English king. Study it sometime, you’ll be amazed. George W. Bush’s bloodline can be traced back all the way to Alexander the Great’s father.

None of this is to imply that U.S. presidents are real rulers, they are (out of necessity) just servants of the bankers/money-power-people – see my article The Economy and the Book of Revelation. I’m simply illustrating my point with well-known members of the elite class. The real money-power people are even more inbred. Satan’s handpicked (Luke 4:5-6) elite money-power class are largely related by blood and they often handpick (for Satan) top political leaders who are also “in the (fallen angel hybrid) family”.

Every once in a while the media will throw out a fact or two about how so many of these powerful elite people are related by blood – of course, they always do it laughingly, as if it’s an interesting coincidence. Knowing what the Bible says and everything I’ve explained so far, do you really think it’s a coincidence? For instance, I found out that Obama is 8th cousins with Dick Cheney from Mrs. Cheney herself on a TV program. At first, when Obama was being championed by the media, I couldn’t figure out why an obviously dark-skinned person who didn’t seem like he would be “part of the family”, was chosen by Satan – these elite usually choose people with “good blood”. I got my answer from Mrs. Cheney herself! On a TV interview, Mrs. Cheney laughed and basically said, “Isn’t that a funny coincidence!” I very much doubt it’s only a coincidence.

Again, all this is something else for you to study on your own. Many researchers (check out Christian researcher Fritz Springmeier if you really want to go for a trip!) have discovered the little-known (publicly) fact that many of the most powerful elite families of the earth are obsessed with their bloodlines and for this reason purposefully breed only within their own bloodline or within another bloodline that they like. What is it that they are trying to preserve? Is it just the money and the power? Heck, that can be shared with anybody your son marries – just pass it down to your son. What is the point of inbreeding? Maybe there’s something else in their bloodlines that they’re trying to preserve.

Again, Satan handpicks the world’s leaders! Why wouldn’t he pick the flesh-and-blood descendants of his fallen angel servants? The Bible even mentions one of these bloodlines when speaking of the antichrist as the “beast from the sea” (Rev. 13). The man alive today who fits the description of the antichrist to a tee (so far – see my article The Antichrist Identity) is of the Merovingian bloodline; “Merovingian” is a combination of two words which mean “sea” and “beast”. So the Bible places emphasis (for those who have eyes to see it) on the bloodline of the antichrist.

Could the Merovingian bloodline be one of the elite hybrid bloodlines? The Bible tells us exactly that! Where? Revelation 19:20. In that verse we see that the antichrist & false prophet are thrown into the lake of fire early without being given a chance to stand before the white throne and be judged first! They are not treated as pure humans by God.

Also, in contrast to humans who after temporarily coming to life in mortal physical bodies to be judged, die for the second time (the “second death”) when they are thrown in the lake of fire, (see my article What Really Happens When You Die), the antichrist and false prophet seemingly stay conscious somehow in the lake of fire. (See Rev. 20) Thus they do not experience death as humans do (as described in Eccl. 9:5 – “the dead know nothing”) but rather as the ancient hybrids did – the “non-physically-perceived” part of their make-up survives in conscious form, but invisible to the 5 human senses.

I know this is all a bit weird, but do you see how it all matches up logically? I don’t think I’m making anything up here – it’s all out of the pages of the Bible itself! The parts from the book of Enoch are some nice possibly-correct additional info, but the basics of everything I’m saying are found right in the generally-accepted canon of Scripture!

Proof Aliens Exist...What They REALLY Are: “Aliens” Are Just Fallen Angels

Now I’m finally getting to the main point of this article. It’s all been very interesting to read I’m sure, but the “punch line” of this article is a warning about a possible end-times deception that, if I’m right, will confuse millions (billions) of people who call themselves Christians and contribute to the great falling away from the faith that the Apostle Paul prophesied would happen in the last days (2 Thess. 2:3). In order for you to truly understand the possible nature of this end-times deception, I had to give you a lot of interesting background information – so thanks for reading it, but now is when I recommend you really pay special attention. (And as always, test everything I say and hold on to what is good in obedience to 1 Thessalonians 5:21.)

I want to start this last section of the article by talking about a researcher named David Icke. I want to talk about him because some of you may have heard of him, and I want to set the record straight on some of the things he says. I also want to talk about him because he is a secular (actually he's kind-of "new-agey") researcher who constantly refers to fallen angels in history as "aliens".

As I said, I definitely do not endorse everything David Icke says, but he has some fascinating insights into what I’ve talked about in this article. If you read some of his stuff or watch some of his videos (Amazon link) you will learn some amazing things about history that match up perfectly with the Bible and everything I’ve been telling you in this article, things you’ll never learn from Satan-controlled mainstream education and media sources.

Although you will learn some fascinating things about the history of the fallen angels and their hybrid offspring from Icke, I must warn you that there are several things he is dead wrong about (in my opinion and according to history and the Bible):

1) He says Jesus never existed, which is ridiculous (for example, a Roman historian mentions Jesus being crucified at the same time the Bible says it happened).

2) He lumps true Bible teaching based on accurate translation of the Bible in with all the pagan religions, and treats Catholicism & mainstream Christianity as if they are the only representations of the Bible, saying that the Bible is just another collection of the same old stories that are told by other ancient cultures. In so claiming he actually validates the Bible in that many other ancient cultures tell similar stories (e.g. Genesis 6, the flood, etc.). But to know the truth you have to do something Icke doesn’t do, which is to separate what the accurately-translated Bible says from what mainstream Christianity and Catholicism say. They are not one and the same. The religions of Christianity and Catholicism say many things that actually contradict the accurately-translated, accurately-interpreted Bible.

3) Icke claims that the aliens genetically engineered us, which is the same lie the fallen angels told from the first time they came to earth in order to turn people from the one true God. The truth is not found in the pagan stories which have been changed and adjusted time and again at the whim and exploitative necessity of pagan rulers. Rather the real story has been told with remarkable consistency down through history by worshippers of Yehovah – the worshippers of Yehovah have been by far the most consistent accurate over millennia, telling the same stories with very little change, in contrast to the pagan versions of the stories.

For example, Icke points out that many pagan religions are based on sun worship and many ancient pagan redemption stories are based on the sun rising after 3 days of winter solstice, etc., and then tries to use this fact to claim that Christianity is just another made-up pagan religion. However, for reasons I just pointed out, the version of the story told by Yehovah-worshippers is by far the most trustworthy. I personally believe God made the sun to rise after 3 days of winter solstice as a constant physical reminder of His plan of redemption for mankind, but the fallen angels and their offspring who were either aware of this redemption plan themselves or learned about it from the ancients such as Enoch (Paul says it was hidden from ages past, but not necessarily ALL ages) counterfeited it and copied it in all their pagan religions. After all, it is a great and very appealing story!

4) Icke correctly identifies the solution for all human problems – everybody operating in love – BUT offers no practical way it will ever happen. This is the fatal weakness of Icke’s worldview. A worldview based on the accurately-translated Bible, on the other hand, offers the only possible way human nature could be fundamentally changed from selfishness/sin to love. (See my articles The 12 Unique Characteristics of a Worldview Based On the Accurately-Translated Bible Which Make It Superior To All Others and God's Great Plan For All Mankind).

In any case, exposure to David Icke’s material will give you a good exercise in obeying 1 Thessalonians 5:21.

Now, let me get to the main reason I mention David Icke. Besides the fact that (as long as you test everything and throw out the bad) you can learn some fascinating things from him that completely match up with the Bible, I want to point out that he constantly refers to the fallen angels as “aliens”. This is the same lie the fallen angels told from the beginning. Since they were rebelling against the one true God and wanted to drive people away from Him, they couldn’t exactly say “God created us and we’re rebelling against Him” when people said “Where did you come from?”, now could they? They had to make up a lie of some sort – the “alien” thing (“we came from the sky, we’re the ones who originally made you”, etc.) fit the bill perfectly.

There is even evidence that the ancients may have even seen what we would call “alien aircraft”. Another thing for you to research on your own. And I’ll talk more about aircraft (and my personal experience with one) in a moment.

Let’s fast-forward to today. It’s no secret that in modern times “aliens” have become a pop-culture phenomenon. According to the Bible, who is the “god of this age” who controls pop culture? So what possible goal could Satan have in creating an “alien” pop culture phenomenon at this time in history?


For Christians and non-Christians alike, it’s worth sorting out the “alien thing”. Is there proof aliens exist? Are they real? Are they not? What’s the deal with “aliens”?

Well, we already looked at “aliens” in history, let’s examine the “alien issue” more closely in the present day. I’m going to give you several pieces of information that fit together – all I ask is that you consider them and test them – and then I’ll tie it in with some intriguing statements the Bible makes about some very strange things that will occur during the upcoming last days of this age.

A former high-level Satanist named Bill Schnoebelen has stated that when he reached the higher levels of Satanism he was taught that when fallen angels have sex in physical bodies they lose some/much of their power and thus must rely more on physical power. Could this be the reason the (both in ancient and modern times) developed “alien” technology/spacecraft, etc?

There is huge amount of evidence

a) that technology exists either in “alien” or high-level government “black ops” hands, or both, which is way beyond what is publicized to exist. (I have personally witnessed some of this technology, which I’ll tell you about in a moment)

b) in the form of eyewitness testimonies by regular non-weird people (including me, which I’ll explain in a moment) that such technology exists. For example, search “UFO Disclosure Project” on YouTube to see such eyewitness testimonies given by many highly respectable, highly trained people at all levels of government, the military, airline pilots, etc., declaring that they are willing to testify about what they have seen before Congress

c) in the form of video evidence of UFOs (of course video can be faked; however many of these videos have been analyzed by experts who do not see how they could have been faked using known video technology), that such technology exists

d) in the form of physical evidence of abductions (including implants of objects that are only found in outer space, etc.), that “alien” abductions have been occurring; for example search “Dr Lier alien implants” on YouTube.

Yes, much of the talk about “alien” abductions is probably hype and people wanting to believe weird things, and much of it is just Satan trying to lead people astray, but in my research I’ve come to the conclusion that at least some, and maybe even a significant amount of it, is actually real. It makes sense that rebellious angels would be interested in genetics, etc. Claimed abductees frequently report that the “aliens” were extremely interested in their, shall we say, private parts. After all, they performed the original “genetic experiments”. And as we shall see, this may tie in with end times events described in the Bible.

Let me share with you a few more decidedly weird things regarding “aliens”.

Alexandra Palace, which overlooks all of London, was the birthplace of generally receivable television, and from which the BBC still broadcasts, is full of UFO symbolism to the ridiculously obvious point of having a part of it which was turned into a community center named CUFO (supposedly, Community Use For the Old Station – seems more like “See UFO” to me). Of course, CUFO would be meaningless except for the fact that the entire architecture of this extremely important building in the history of Satan’s control over the world’s thought processes, is nothing but flying disc and other Satanic symbolism.

Some may say, “Oh you’re going way too far”. In response I would quote former high-level Freemason (see my article on Mystery Babylon) and high-level Satanist Bill Schnoebelen who said “Symbolism is meant to reveal to those who have eyes to see, and conceal from those who don’t.” You have to realize that Satan’s elite have filled the architecture of the buildings and cities from which their power emanates, with occult symbolism. Just study the architecture of Washington, D.C. for example. There’s a reason it’s laid out so strangely – it was designed by occultic Luciferian Freemasons to be full of their symbolism. The reason I share about Alexandra Palace’s overt occult UFO symbolism is simply to make the point that UFOs seem to be important to the Satanic elite.

The big media and entertainment companies of this world, which are ultimately controlled by Satan (see 2 Cor. 4:4 and Luke 4:5-6 where it says he controls the expression/glory of the kingdoms of this world), over the last few decades have churned out alien movie after alien movie after alien movie after alien TV show after alien TV show. Maybe they just figured out it’s a good money-making subject. But I submit to you that Satan may very well have another, more insidious purpose for bombarding humanity’s collective consciousness with “aliens”. What might that purpose be?

Well, let me again bring the Bible into this “alien stuff”, and you’ll see. If you read Revelation 9:1-11 you’ll see that there are some crazy-weird-looking beings that will roam the earth during the end times. I go into more detail as far as interpreting this passage in my Easy-To-Understand Revelation Timeline, but for now suffice it to say that these “locust”-type beings roaming the earth hurting people is going to be one of the crazy events of the end of this age. This event will be massively confusing to many Christians (those who are still hanging on to their faith at that point). But it need not be for you.

I submit to you that Satan is bombarding the human psyche with “alien” images and entertainment so that when people see weird-looking beings in the end times as described in Rev. 9, they are programmed to immediately think “aliens”, instead of thinking about “fallen-angel/human hybrids” or exploring other options as to what these beings are.

Isn’t it interesting how every supposed “investigative” show on mainstream TV about aliens, never comes to a solid conclusion, but leaves you hanging… “Maybe they exist, it’s hard to tell”. To me this (combined with all the movies and TV shows) is the perfect psychological preparation. It’s presenting the idea that they could be real, telling you what they are if you see them, and letting that idea sit in your mind for years, so you can get used to it. I’m not trying to present this as absolute proof, but rather as things to think about and watch for and analyze – so bear with me.

To see a perfect example of possible psychological preparation for “aliens” showing up on earth, do a search online and find the trailer for a movie called “District 9” – the aliens in that movie look an awful lot like locusts; when I saw that trailer I instantly thought of Revelation 9. If you don’t think I’m right about any of this, that’s fine, but I challenge you to come up with a better explanation for Revelation 9. (See my Easy-To-Understand Revelation Timeline.)

Remember how many claimed “alien” abductees say the “aliens” are obsessed with genetics and reproduction? Could this be part of the preparation for hybrid “alien” to take part in Satan’s master end-times plan, to be revealed and come into the earth as is described in Revelation 9? If I’m right, and these “aliens” are real but they are actually rebellious angels serving Satan, the “alien”/fallen angel obsession with genetics/reproduction during abductions makes perfect sense.

There are many reports amongst the "conspiracy" crowd and the "alien/UFO" crowd that there are aliens living and operating (with humans, doing genetic experimentation and God-knows what else) in underground bases in the U.S. and elsewhere. Again, I might think that was just something made up by a 22-year-old loser living in his mom's basement with too much time on his hands, EXCEPT for the fact that the Bible says these locust-looking beings come from underground (Rev. 9)!

Why would Satan go to so much trouble to have “aliens” show up on earth at a strategic time in the last days, and to spend decades preparing humanity psychologically for their appearance? Well, remember what Satan’s main goal is - to unite the world in a one-world government which will force the observance of a one-world satanic religion through the mark of the beast. To accomplish this, Satan must drastically alter the mindset of most of humanity. Most people right now are not interested in a one-world government, they like their own country and want their own national government to protect them and do what’s best for their own nation. So Satan’s got a problem.

The drastic natural disasters brought on by Wormwood (see my article on Wormwood/Planet X in the End Times Explained section of this website), combined with nuclear wars (see my Revelation Timeline), will make the masses of humanity desperate for help and thus much more open to a one-world government led by one "benevolent savior" man. However, wouldn’t it be so much easier to convince the world of a need for a united world government if there was an outside threat that attacked all of humanity, thus creating a need for all governments to unite?

Ever seen the movie “Independence Day”? If I’m right, movies like this are blatant (for those who have eyes to see it) psychological preparation for the masses to accept the idea of an “alien invasion” and the need to “unite the world” to face it. I recently saw an ad on TV for a new movie for kids coming out – guess what it was about. Yep. Alien invasion. Seems to me they’re programming kids from the womb to get ready for an alien attack! An “outside alien attack” would be the perfect excuse to unite the world under a one-world united government with one leader. Combined with other end-time events, it would create the perfect scenario to bring in the antichrist.

Jesus tells us in Luke 21:25-26 that in the last days men’s hearts will fail them for fear as they look at “those things coming on the earth”. If we take this literally (as we have no reason not to), wouldn’t an “alien” invasion fit this description perfectly?

Jesus also said that the last days would be “as the days of Noah” (Luke 17:26). Of course from the context we see that His main point in saying this was something different than the subject of this article – but could His statement have a double meaning meant to be understood by those with ears to hear (as many of Jesus’ statements seemed to have)? After all, what was the main problem on earth during Noah’s days – indeed the reason for the flood? Hybrid beings roaming the earth.

Another astounding Scripture for you curious readers to investigate is Daniel 2:43, which is a prophecy about the end of this age which speaks of “they” “mingling with the seed of men”. Read this in Young's Literal Translation and you'll see how the Bible makes it clear that the iron, "they", mixes with the clay, "the seed of men". Whoever “they” is, are obviously not the seed of men! This prophecy plainly predicts that in the last days there will be a hybrid race on earth.

It's also interesting that the Bible uses iron to describe the non-human element of the world's last-day leadership in Daniel 2:42-43. Can you think of anywhere else the Bible speaks of iron when it comes to world rulership? Yep - Jesus will rule "with a rod of iron" in the next age (the millenium) - see Rev. 19:11-15. In that passage Jesus rides a white horse, carries a sword of truth, and rules righteously with a rod of iron. The ultimate counterfeit of Jesus' rulership, Satan's handpicked last-days world leadership, is revealed in Rev. 6:1-2 and Daniel rides a white horse ("Satan masquerades as an angel of light", see 2 Cor. 11:14), carries a bow (to shoot lies, the "flaming arrows of the evil one", see Eph. 6:16), and rules wickedly but powerfully with the strength of iron (Dan. 2:43).

Both Jesus' future worldwide reign and the last-days (of this age) hybrids' worldwide reign are depicted with similar symbolism in Scripture, because one is a counterfeit of the other. The only difference that allows a person to distinguish between them is that Jesus carries a sword of truth and the other rider on a white horse carries a bow of lies! YOU CAN ONLY DISTINGUISH BETWEEN THEM BY BEING A TRUTH-SEEKER. NON TRUTH-SEEKERS WILL BE DECEIVED. (See 2 Thess. 2:10.)

Also, interestingly enough, both world leaders (Jesus and the hybrids) are partly human and partly supernatural! (Although many would say Christ is fully human and fully God - you know what I mean.)

If we are approaching the last days, it would stand to reason that this evil hybrid leadership race is already on earth, running the world. Is it possible that Jesus’ parable of the tares (Matt. 13:34-30, 36-43) is en route to being fulfilled? In any case, in light of Daniel 2:43, we need to ask ourselves “Where are these hybrid beings – where can they be found on earth today?”

As I pointed out earlier in the article, descendants of the hybrid giants are still on earth today, albeit with such weakened fallen angel blood that they for all intents and purposes appear fully human but may have more tendency toward evil than average. And you will also recall how I pointed out that the ancient giant rulers naturally would have passed down their power to their own descendants. So is there any evidence that world rulers today may be hybrids?

Absolutely. Revelation 19:20 tells us that the antichrist and the false prophet will be thrown directly into the lake of fire without a chance to be judged at the white thrown as pure humans are. They are not treated by God as full-blooded humans are. The only possible reason for this is that they are not fully human.


Do you see how all the Biblical puzzle pieces fit together? You will find more information on how all these things will tie together at the end of this age in my new book End Times Explained. I also recommend Chuck Missler’s resources on this subject, as well as Fritz Springmeier’s book 13 Bloodlines (do a Google search and you can read it for free). These are two fine Christian researchers who have a lot of valuable things to say, though I don’t agree with every single thing they say of course, and as always you must “test everything and hold on to what is good” in obedience to 1 Thessalonians 5:21.

My point is that what we see in the natural - extremely evil and exploitative world leaders who are obsessed with their bloodlines, many if not most of whom are related to each other by blood - lines up perfectly with what the Bible says. Daniel 2:43 pretty much tells us straight out that the leadership class of the earth in the last days will be largely made up of hybrids. Yeah – crazy. But hey, you can’t just pick and choose which part of the Bible you want to keep. It’s all or nothing.

These Satanic/Luciferian hybrid world leaders could certainly orchestrate an “alien attack” scenario which would serve to unite the world against an "outside threat". Such an "alien attack perfectly fits the Biblical description of “signs and wonders so deceptive that even the elect might be deceived” (Matt. 24:11, 24). An “alien attack” would be a “deceptive/false sign” (pointing to the need for a united one-world government) and it would certainly make people wonder! It could easily be used by the false prophet (Rev. 13) to lead people towards the antichrist. Think about how confusing it would be to most Christians who don’t know about the giants and hybrids, etc. in the Bible!

In my new book End Times Explained (click below or on the ad at the upper right of this page) I will show you exactly where a false "alien" attack is found in the book of Revelation.

I could get really weird on you and start talking about evidence of hybrid world leaders (and other less-well-known but weird/evil people too) “shape-shifting”, but I won’t...If you want to go there you can go there. (For you curious ones, search “reptilian fox news producer cuts in” on YouTube and see what you think.) Don’t say I didn’t warn you at the beginning of this article that I was going to talk about weird stuff! But the astounding thing is, it’s in the Bible!

Proof Aliens Exist: My UFO Sighting and Final Thoughts On Aliens and the Bible

As I began to study the subject of this article a couple of years ago, and I began to read all sorts of seemingly believable eyewitness testimonies of incredible technology in the form of Unidentified Flying Objects, etc., I wanted more confirmation that it was for real – so I prayed what was probably the craziest prayer of my life. I said, “God, if this technology really exists, I want to see it. I want to see a UFO. I do not want to interact with “aliens” or hybrid beings or whatever they are! But I do want to see a UFO.” I asked God to – if it was really real – let me see it in such a way that I would have no doubt about the fact that the technology is real and is far beyond what is “officially” exists.

Well, a month or so later, I was standing out in the jacuzzi at night with my wife. We were talking, facing each other, about 2 feet apart. Suddenly we both simultaneously saw a light shining on us (this was like a spotlight, it was only on us, not flooding the whole area or anything like that), and we both immediately looked up. We saw multicolored lights, a few hundred feet in the air, and they zipped away at an incredible speed and disappeared. We didn’t see metal or the shape of a craft, just multicolored lights, and only for a second, because it zipped away so fast. Whatever we saw, it was at about the altitude at which a small plane might fly. But there is absolutely no “known” aircraft that can move anywhere close to that speed. It literally disappeared, by flying away to the west, from being directly above us, within about one second – two seconds max. I’ve seen F-16s flying low, at about the same height – but they didn’t move even half as fast as what we saw that night. Not even close. And F-16s are loud. This thing was absolutely, completely silent. No sound whatsoever.

Instantly my wife and I started the whole “Did you see that? Did you see what I saw?” thing. Right then, and every time we’ve talked about it since then, when we compare memories, we both saw exactly the same thing. This helps me to know it wasn’t just me imagining things. By the way, I had not told my wife about my prayer before we saw the unidentified flying object, and she had never mentioned any desire whatsoever to see a UFO. So I don’t think the “you’re seeing what you want to see” argument is valid in this case. Others might argue, “You just saw lights in the sky, you can’t prove there was a craft there.” However, how could lights in the sky shine a spotlight directly on us from above without there being some type of craft for the spotlight to shine from?

The bottom line is, I don’t know exactly what type of craft those lights belonged to that night, or who built it, or who was operating it – but I do know there is technology in somebody’s hands that is far, far beyond what the public is made aware of.

I know what my wife and I saw that night. And I know what the Bible says. Because I understand the information I’ve shared with you in this article, my “UFO sighting” does not contradict anything I know about the Bible, but rather confirms certain things I read there. In this article I’ve tried to put clues (like the “alien” phenomenon of the last several decades and the evil nature of our world’s leaders) which we see in the natural world around us, together with clues from the Bible.

However, I want to be clear that unlike most of my articles, a good portion of the things I say in this article are not things about which I would dogmatically claim “I believe 100% this is all true”. Rather, I’m simply trying to point out a trail of clues that will help you obey Jesus’ command to “watch and pray, that you may have the power to escape all these things” (Luke 21:36).

Jesus exhorted those who would experience the end of this age to watch. An ancient city watchman on a wall may not have always known exactly every possible combination of dangerous things to watch for, but he would have been well-trained in certain specific things to watch for, and would have studied hard to have a good idea of how to “smell a rat” or spot an enemy as far away as possible so as to be able to warn the city as soon as possible. It’s all about preparation. Why did Jesus say we need to watch? So we can escape the negative consequences of these crazy end-time events!

But how can you escape something you’re confused by – or something you don’t see coming beforehand? I would guess that if I’m right about the subject of this article, a high percentage of any Christians that are still holding on to their faith at that time in history will be massively confused when they see an “alien invasion” with their own two eyes or on TV, as every news channel everywhere broadcasts it live. They will not have seen it coming beforehand. If I’m right and “aliens” do show up in the sky, will you throw out everything you read in the Bible because of what you see with your own two eyes or on TV, or will the “aliens” that show up confirm what you know the Bible? For most Christians, it will be the former. For you, it will be the latter.

This is why the Bible says ONLY those who have INSIGHT will understand what is going on the last days (Dan. 12:10). I love that word INsight. It means you see IN, BEYOND THE SURFACE of what Satan’s leaders and media are telling you. It is the Word of God that gives us this insight, my friends. Hopefully I’ve led you on a trail of clues that might come in very handy as the end times unfold.

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  1. true story: volcano god is a warning to the servant

  2. Wow, thanks I learned a lot. I was thinking that aliens had too be evil or Jesus was an alien. But Jesus taught love and aliens seem to have something to hide. They work for Satan!

  3. Please send me links so I can read more of your articles, thanks.