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Is Comet Elenin “Deep Impact”?

IT HAS LONG BEEN KNOWN that Hollywood’s movie scheduling is, in reality, more like ‘predictive programming’. For instance, the Internet is humming with speculation that recent, seemingly unrelated events (and much covert planning), are in fact preparations for the imminent arrival of Comet Elenin—a scenario that precisely mirrors the storyline of the 1998 movie “Deep Impact”…

Here are just a few similarities:

  • The launch of the space shuttle Atlantis, meeting the Russians on the ISS.

  • Obama bringing home 33,000 troops.

  • Two weeks till USA budget solved. Obama and Congress fighting over it now.

  • The resignation of the “Secretary of Treasury” in August.

  • “The Messiah is the largest space vehicle ever constructed”—So is the ISS (Issa is Arabic for Jesus/Messiah).

  • August 16th: the date that Earth crosses Comet Honda’s orbital path, 0.082AU.

  • Wall clock set to 911 (WTC attack). Sept 11, 2011—Elenin closest point to the sun.

  • Elenin’s orbital path similar to comet in movie.

  • Captured frame matches, JPL Orbital sim., from June 23rd 2011. See here.

  • E.L.E. = Elenin (Extinction Level Event). Movie: a boy called Leo discovers comet with small telescope. Real life: Leonid Elenin discovers Elenin with small telescope. Comet discovered in Leo. (Some doubt Leonid Elenin actually exists, and that his name is code for the upcoming event)

“Last summer two comets were discovered that are on
a collision course with Earth..”
—from Deep Impact

We actually have three comets heading our way: Elenin, Honda & Levy + Asteroid 2005 YU55

More facts to consider:

  • We have two celestial objects heading toward Earth, that will come very close to us.

  • The governments of the world have been building 1000s of deep underground bunkers (D.U.M.B.s) for many years.

  • FEMA has been very busy, building ‘camps’ and has acquired millions of body bags. They are preparing for some big event. They are also stockpiling millions of tons of dried food.

  • There is growing evidence (see Carl Johan Calleman) that the 2012 Mayan calendar endpoint may actually be October 28th 2011—very close to the time we pass though Elenin’s debris field.

  • The Hopi ‘End of the World prophecy’ talks about two celestial objects, “Red Kachina” and “Blue Kachina“. Two events, one messes us up and the next ends us. (Kachina=Star or comet)


This is the annotated video I originally posted, but it was taken down by Paramount. I found another copy. Don’t be surprised if this ultimately disappears too!—Admin ]

Source: youtube | | Comet Elenin—Timing & Speculations | Latest News

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