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» »Unlabelled » German reporter: ISIS enthusiastically planning to kill hundreds of millions [VIDEO]

Recent polls suggest that terrorism has come back as a top issue for Americans — right up there with jobs and the economy. The point is that regardless of how prosperous we can be as a nation, it means little if you don’t feel secure. That’s the sad truth in our post 9-11 world — a world where the staff of a satirical newspaper was slaughtered when they sat down for a staff meeting. It’s a world where one of its most ancient Christian communities was driven from its ancestral home. It is a world where little Nigerian girls are kidnapped and used as suicide bombers. It is a world where a 7th century barbaric practice — beheading — has become a part of our 21st century existence.

Just a year ago our President Barack Hussein Obama referred to a small growing militant Islamic group as a “jayvee” team. They now control a huge swath of territory in Syria and Iraq the size of Great Britain and call themselves the Islamic State.

ISIS has grown stronger, bolder and more deadly – with horrific plans beyond comprehension. A German reporter who survived 10 days embedded with ISIS says they are enthusiastically planning to kill hundreds of millions of people.

In August of 2014, Obama stated they would be degraded, defeated and destroyed — hardly the case. A year later, will the crisis with ISIS be a part of the conversation during the State of the Union address this evening? If not, the message of Obama’s silence on the issue will speak volumes — loudly.


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