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» »Unlabelled » Supposed meteorite fall scares rural town of PE

Supposed meteorite fall scares rural town of PE

Residents of Village Rubber, located in the rural municipality of Vicenza, 83 km from Recife (PE), are daunted by the fall of a supposed meteorite, held the last Monday (23) around 15:30.
According to the city of Vicenza, the Civil Defense of the municipality and the district will Geologist Rubber on Friday (27) to collect the material and send it to the ITEP (Institute of Technology of Pernambuco). The Civil Defense asks residents not to panic and to trigger the body when a problem occurs.
The stone, which is about 1.2 kg and 20 cm, would be a little less than a meter Joiner adeildo Silva, who was on the sidewalk in his workshop repairing a wooden body. Silva said that before the stone "burned" drop heard a noise and, shortly thereafter, he felt an impact on the ground.
"He opened a hole in the place that the stone fell. Was afraid of the noise, but when I saw that a stone was picked up and saw that she is different. Has black color. The stone was very hot on one side and the other completely cold. It is very strange all this, "he told the UOL, highlighting wondering if the supposed meteorite has some commercial value to put it up for sale.

 Upon hearing the loud noise, the neighbors of Silva left their homes to the street and rushed to the scene to observe the stone.
The student Renata Bezerra said he heard the crash and was startled. "I ran out into the street to see what had happened and when I saw that the stone was on the floor of my neighbor's driveway. I think it's a meteorite because I have read something in books," opines.
The farmer Olegario Bezerra da Silva was sitting on the sidewalk when he heard the noise and still rushed home to protect themselves, but rolled to see what had happened at the house of Silva.
"I thought the wiring had burst and made noise. But when I look at the place that the stone was dropped with a hole.'s Different from a stone they have on earth. This stone fell from heaven, not like someone has to have played here, "said neighbor joiner.

 According to the National Observatory, from Wednesday (25) is going on a meteor shower on Earth, known as the Oriônidas .
The phenomenon in space recorded a fall 20-25 meteors per hour and can be seen at night. A meteor shower occurs until the 25th of November, but the peak intensity will be between 21 and 22 October. The conditions for observation are not favoráreis, however, since the moon is full phase through the waning.

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