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» »Unlabelled » Twin Storms Flood Mexico's Acapulco Airport, Stranding Tourists

Twin storms leave Acapulco's international airport underwater, trapping thousands of tourists in the flooded resort city.

Full story:

Flights have been cancelled at Acapulco Airport after incessant rains left vast areas of the international terminal underwater on Tuesday, leaving tourists stranded in the storm-ravaged city.

Acapulco's heavy rains were spawned by two major storms that converged on Mexico from the Pacific and the Gulf, triggering landslides and floods that washed away homes.

The airport was waist-deep in water and travellers wading through flooded terminals carried luggage high over their heads.

An estimated 40-thousand visitors remain trapped in the Pacific resort following a torrential, three-day downpour that also shut down key roads out of the city.

Airline officials say services have started to resume.

Guerrero State, which is home to Acapulco, was the hardest hit by the freak weather phenomena, with at least 34 reported deaths.

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