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» »Unlabelled » Two Suns at Sunset? August 20th, 2013

Warning: Foul language can be heard in this video, viewer discretion is advised. This is a 42 minute video but around 21 minutes the video starts over but I put filters on it so you can see the strange image more clearly.You will not notice the image at first until your a coupe minutes into the video, and then you will see the bright circular image resting above the tree line in the same area as where the sun had just set. The beginning part of this video was shot just after the sun set behind the tree line shown in the video. At first I was catching Jets leaving thier very distinct trails behind them. After being very fruastrated of not seeing what I was looking for (a big planet) I stopped filming until my friend shows up and I then see what I was missing but only on the camera could you see it. As you hear in the video the bright ball you see setting above the tree line that in the first 5 minutes of video was not visible and then became very noticeable. As you hear in the commentary that to me and my friend it looked like a brightly lite cloud bur on the camera it looks like a bright ball of light. The fact that they were spraying chem trails to prevent the seeing of this object only makes it to where I have even more questions. The video switches after 21 minutes to the same video but in different format. I added Edge Detection and Posterization. This allows us to see any object on screen by giving it a border and the posterization allows us to see any object emitting a light source. Notice the prefect circle the object makes during this play back.

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