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» »Unlabelled » RUSSIA FLOODS (Floods hit Russia's Far East)

Russia's Far East suffers from the region's biggest floods in 120 years, with about 50,000 people affected and authorities predicting more damage in the coming week, Russian media reported.
Areas around Russian major far eastern city of Khabarovsk have been flooded after heavy rains led to a rise of water in Amur river.
Local authorities announced the state of emergency and were preparing to evacuate citizens from the flooded areas on Friday (August 23).
Over a thousand rescue workers from all over Russia arrived to the region to fight the floods, Russian Chief State Fire Inspector Boris Borzov said.
"As you may see the situation is not a simple one, it is a difficult situation here. But it is under control. Today we have rescue workers from Irkutsk here. The federal emergency forces group has been organised here, which consists of 1767 Emergency Ministry workers and over 200 vehicles," Borzov said.
The floods, caused by a month of unusually heavy rain, are not expected to start receding until early September, the head of Russia's hydrometeorology monitoring service told Ria Novosti news agency earlier this week. The water in the Amur river in Kahabarovsk region has risen beyond its critical 6-meter level, reaching 718 centimetres, Russian news agencies reported.
In 2012, flash floods killed 171 people and damaged more than 4,000 homes in southern Russia's mountainous Caucasus region.

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