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The Black death. A great slaughter began in Avignon in January 1348. The epidemic is presented in two ways. In the first two months was manifested with fever and bloody sputum and patients die in three days; elapsed manifested with continuous fever and swelling in the armpits and groin and patients died within 5 days.

 At that time the Black Death by Ignorance was attributed to contamination caused by rats.

The third pandemic occurred in the nineteenth century, but its spread was actually fought by the efforts of health teams.
It started probably in the steppes of Manchuria, where infected woodchucks were hunted in large numbers by the Chinese immigrants who sold them to Westerners to produce coats. From 1855 it spread throughout China, threatening the Europeans in Hong Kong in 1894, which led to sending teams of doctors and bacteriologists to the region

Comet Donati, or Donati's Comet, formally designated C/1858 L1 and 1858 VI, is a long-period comet named after the Italian astronomer Giovanni Battista Donati who first observed it on June 2, 1858. After the Great Comet of 1811, it was the most brilliant comet that appeared in the 19th century. It was also the first comet to be photographed. It was nearest the Earth on October 10, 1858.

First Pandemic
Black Death is the name by which it was known during the Middle Ages, the pandemic that devastated Europe during the fourteenth century and decimated between 25 and 75 million people and some researchers believe the number is closer to reality 75 million, a third of the population at that time.

Second Pandemic
The disease returned to Europe every generation until the early eighteenth century. Each epidemic killed the susceptible individuals, leaving the remaining immune. Only when a new generation is not immune grew again there was sufficient number of people vulnerable to the infection spreading.
 However none of these epidemics was as deadly as the first, due to changes in behavior and the elimination of genes (as some see-MHC immune system) that gave special susceptibility to their carriers.
Plague epidemics were notable Spanish 1596-1602, which killed nearly one million Spaniards, the Italian Plague of 1629-1631, the Great Plague of London in 1664-1665 and the Great Plague of Vienna in 1679.

The Third Pandemic
This pandemic has killed 12 million people only in China and India.

Comet Negra 1347 = First Pandemic Black Death
Comet Kirch 1680 = Secund Pandemic Black Death
Great Comet of 1811 and Donati's Comet, formally designated C/1858 L1 and 1858 VI = The Third
Pandemic Black Deat

And the fourth angel sounded his trumpet, and was wounded a third of the sun, and the third part of the moon, and the third part of the stars, so that the third part of them was darkened, and the third of the day did not shine, and likewise the overnight. (Revelation 8:12)

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