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Storms Rip Open Giant Sinkhole In Oklahoma

Storms pummeled Oklahoma again yesterday as the full weight of tornado season bears upon the state, and the pressure was too much for one road in the eastern part of Oklahoma County. The whole side of the road appears to have completely collapsed into the gaping maw of a giant sinkho

Unfortunately, nine people were killed in the latest storms, which spawned a number of tornadoes and threw the Weather Channel truck through the air.

Somehow cars are still seen driving nonchalantly past the newly-created canyon and waterfall as if they didn't miss the giant NEWLY-CREATED CANYON AND WATERFALL right next to them. Holy crap, Oklahomans.
In case the last time we covered sinkholes was not clear enough, what with the car goddamn disappearing into the murky Chicago abyss, DO NOT DRIVE NEXT TO SINKHOLE

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