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» »Unlabelled » Floods Threaten Czech Chemical Factory

A chemical factory near Prague is under threat from floodwaters which are also causing problems in neighbouring Germany.

Full Story:

Flooding in the Czech Republic and nearby regions has caused widespread damage - and as the torrents threaten this chemical factory there are fears it could get worse.

The Lovochemie factory in Lovosice town is protected by a water barrier built after floods in 2002.

But emergency teams say there were fears that the barrier would not hold.

This fireman says rumours that the barrier was crumbling turned out to be just a leak in one place.

In neighbouring Germany, water levels in some areas were reaching record highs.

The army was deployed in eastern towns and cities to help combat the torrents while thousands of residents have been evacuated.

Eleven deaths have been reported across the region as a result of the floods, the worst in a decade.

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