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Geophysicist: Black hole has breached Earth's core

An internationally renown geophysicist suggests a black hole may be responsible for recent Earth changes.

What is causing the geomagnetic field flux? Why have regions of the field ripped and collapsed exposing Earth to the solar max fury rapidly approaching in 2012? Why is the Earth's core seemingly spinning crazily out of control and behaving in a way never before seen?

Chulliat thinks a black hole's in Earth's core.

Geophysicist Arnaud Chulliat [Bio] of the Institut de Physique du Globe in Paris thinks he knows: a black hole has breached our planet's core and may be about to release literal hell on Earth.

Chulliat, who gave a major speech back in 2009 at a meeting of the American Geophysical Union in San Francisco, focused on the geomagnetic field, anomalies, and the dangerous flux the field is undergoing.

He addressed the wandering pole and some of the reasons why the magnetic field is behaving in an odd manner.

National Geographic covered some of his speech in "North Magnetic Pole Moving Due to Core Flux."

The scientist describes the field as a plume of magnetism emanating from Earth's super-hot core. He says it wraps itself around the Earth in a complicated matrix of shimmering energy.

The field also interacts with the sun and may even be influenced to a degree by shifting ocean currents.

Shifting magnetic field driven by black hole?

Dark heart

But the core contains a secret terror—a physical force that simultaneously grants the planet life and yet, ironically, dooms it in the end. Some poets call the massive gravitic-magnetic generating force a dark heart.

Yet this same dark heart drives galaxies and guides exploding star stuff onto the pathway towards the building blocks of life.

The ultimate price of life is death and the Earth is no different—a very dark heart may have taken refuge inside the world.

According to the evidence, Chulliat says, the inner heart of Earth—its spinning core—is probably surrounded by a hurricane of charged atomic particles whipped in a whirlwind around a black hole singularity.

Because the black hole is rotating within the center of the core, the particles create a massive electrical field. According to this scenario, the geomagnetic field would have its dipolar positive charge located at the Antarctic, which it does.

Black hole may be driving massive Earth changes.

Disturbing changes

From time to time the polarity would flip: north would become south and positive negative as the black hole changed speed and direction and the magnetic field followed suit.

As the geomagnetic field changes, disturbing changes occurring in the Earth's core have been observed. <"Surprisingly Rapid Changes In Earth’s Core Discovered"> The emerging data may tend to support Chulliat's black hole argument.

Ringing like a bell

A more frightening scenario is the black hole may not be stationary.

Although Chulliat believes that the singularity would sit dead center inside the Earth's spinning, molten core, others have suggested that a small black hole might bounce back and forth beneath the mantle like the clapper of a bell.

As the hole approached the surface it would be attracted back to the center of the planet, fall inward, build up speed, and slip right through the core to the other side of the Earth.

The "ringing" process could be repeated for thousands, even millions, of years until enough matter had been swallowed by the hole to destroy the Earth.

When the hole began the process of swallowing the Earth most of the planet would be gone within a matter of hours.

End of the world: black hole swallowing Earth.

Death of Earth

Life itself may depend on a black hole deep beneath our feet creating a magnetic force field that protects everything from the killing radiation of the sun. But the trade off to that is the ultimate death of Earth, swallowed by a black hole with an insatiable appetite.

When the dark heart beating in the center of the world is done with appetizers it will go for the main meal. No one knows when that could happen. It may not be for another million years.

Or it may, indeed, be the day after tomorrow...

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