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» »Unlabelled » Asteroid 1998 QEII Sparking Imaginations of Sci-fi Enthusiasts Around the Globe


Is it an Asteroid? is it a Space Station? Perhaps, it is a Space-SHIP!

My imagination was awakened this morning when the top Science News story for the day was that Asteroid 1998 QEII and it's moon could actually be a Space station or perhaps, even a space-SHIP!
Since the nature of the object NASA classifies as "Asteroid 1998 QEII" is in question then it can only stand to reason that it is, in fact, a UFO. Which means, simply, that it is a flying object which is unidentifiable. Does this mean it is an Alien spaceship from an advanced civilization light years away? Of course not.
Does it mean that Earth should prepare for interstellar war? I don't think so.
Perhaps it means that it is only an asteroid, theorizing it is anything else may just be our way of satisfying our basic human need of not wanting to be alone.
The Universe is a pretty big place so it is, actually, a little naive of us to think that we are the only intelligent beings out here.
We think ourselves to be pretty intelligent, right? I mean, we have traveled to the Moon, Mars, and beyond!
However, in the great expanse that is The Universe, our entire galaxy (The Milky Way) circles only one star. As any layperson can plainly see when looking up at a clear night sky is that there are, quite literally, millions upon millions of stars and probably many more than we could ever fathom.
As an intelligent species we are only now leaving our galaxy and it is quite by accident.
Voyager is still going.
Much to the amazement of its engineers Voyager is at the edge of The Milky Way and may be about to leave the galaxy!
As advanced as we believe ourselves to be, this step is equivalent to the human concept of being a child and going off your street for the first time by yourself. You're not sure where you're going or what you're going to find but you can't wait to get there.
Are we really being visited by an alien space station with a scouting ship orbiting it's hull? A craft that comes from another galaxy?
Maybe it is just an asteroid that is 1.7 miles wide with it's own satellite, after all, that's what the experts at are saying.
Only time will tell what "Asteroid 1998 QEII" truly is but I, for one, am kind of enjoying the feeling of being a character in a Robert A. Heinlein science fiction novel. Can ya Grok it?

Vikkilynn McGrath

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