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» »Unlabelled » UFO sighting in Norway: Bright lights seen in night sky caught on video

UFO sighting in Norway: Bright lights seen in night sky caught on video

On Wednesday, November 16, 2011, a man and his female companion spotted a UFO, or UFOs, in the dark night sky overhead in Bergen, Norway. They were able to capture the unidentified flying object on a video that was later shared by aka ufostore1, a YouTube channel based out of Russia.

Although there is little information available about this particular UFO sighting, you can tell it was observed by at least two people because two different voices can be heard on the audio track of the video (one male and one female).

The video lasts one minute and forty-five seconds. It begins with three bright round white lights in the sky arranged in a triangular pattern, but is it a black triangle UFO?

As the video progresses, the three lights seem to change position in the sky. Are they three separate unidentified flying objects or is the change in the appearance of the lights due to the movement of the object in the sky causing it to be filmed from a different angle?

In addition to the first UFO, a fourth unidentified flying object eventually enters the picture. According to the title of the video "Triangle UFO with drone over Bergen, Norway, Nov 16 2001, stabilized (HD)," this fourth ball of light is allegedly a drone. Near the end of the video, this final UFO seems to pass beneath the black triangle.

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