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» » Arizona In Flames Illegal Aliens Were Behind Wildfires

Arizona In Flames

Illegal Aliens Were Behind Wildfires

By William L. Houston

It turns out that illegal aliens really were behind the Arizona wildfires.

A GAO report has found that illegal aliens were responsible for 30 of 77 human caused fires that were started in Arizona between 2006 and 2010. The study did not include the 2011 fire season which has been the most destructive in the history of Arizona.

Earlier this summer, the Left had an apopleptic fit of political correctness when John "Amnesty" McCain of all people (no friend of supporters of patriotic immigration reform) blamed illegal aliens for setting the destructive wildfire in the Coronado National Forest that ultimately burned down over 400 square miles of Arizona. The Left was outraged at the racist suggestion that illegal aliens were behind the wildfires:

"This independent GAO study again confirms what U.S. Forest Service and local officials in Arizona have long known: that some of the fires along the Arizona-Mexico border are caused by people crossing the border illegally," McCain said in a statement.

"The report further found that firefighting activities have sometimes been delayed while waiting for law enforcement escorts as protection from armed smugglers, which could cause fires to grow larger and more damaging," he added.

"I hope this report is a lesson to the activists and public officials that would prefer to engage in partisan character attacks rather than help focus the discussion on the vital need secure our southern border," McCain said on Tuesday.

Surely, the Obama administration will find a way to square Arizona in flames with its theory that the Mexican border has been secured. Dissimulating about the border doesn't require a level of hypocrisy nearly as large as suing Arizona for enforcing federal immigration law while allowing Vermont to declare itself a sanctuary state.

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