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» » BBB issues warning on donating to the Breast Cancer Society

BBB issues warning on donating to the Breast Cancer Society

St. Louis (KSDK) - The Better Business Bureau is issuing a warning on making donations to an organization called The Breast Cancer Society.

The BBB says The Breast Cancer Society uses 85% of donations on costs other than directly benefitting cancer patients and their families. These costs reportedly include professional fundraising fees, employee salaries, and other administrative costs.

The Arizona-based organization fundraises through telemarketers and direct mail companies across the country, including in Missouri and Illinois, according to the BBB. It has reportedly grown into one of the largest breast cancer charities in the nation, receiving more than $48 million in donations last year.

The BBB says The Breast Cancer Society did not respond to direct questions about fund allocation, but told it in an email that it is working to get on the agency's Wise Giving Alliance list.

The BBB says October's Breast Cancer Awareness month gives scammers the opportunity to prey on unsuspecting donors. It advises people to check the BBB's Wise Giving Alliance to make sure a charity is reputable. It also advises people to contact a charity directly before donating, particularly when contacted by a telemarketer or through the mail.

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