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» »Unlabelled » Tropical Strom Nanmadol Reaches Mainland China

Typhoon Nanmadol left a trail of destruction in Taiwan on Monday, causing severe flooding and leaving one person dead. While it downgraded to a tropical storm and headed for the mainland, now it's flooding areas of China's east coast. Here's more.

After drenching southern and eastern Taiwan, Tropical storm Nanmadol headed towards the mainland. Chinese state media reported it's flooding some areas along China's east coast today.

State television CCTV shows footage of vehicles stranded on roads in Anji county in Zhejiang province.

Gales and rainstorms swept through many eastern coastal cities for much of the day, and local authorities in Zhejiang province recalled boats to harbor, Chinese state news agency Xinhua reported.

The Xiamen-Jinmen shipping line that links Fujian on the mainland with Taiwan has been suspended since Monday afternoon.

Xinhua quoted China's meteorological bureau, saying Nanmadol's landfall is forecast to coincide with a high tide, which could increase risks of flooding.

Fish farms in Zhejiang province also made their final preparations and collected their last haul before the storm hit.

The weather bureau expected heavy rainfall of up to 13.8 inches in the region.

The storm, downgraded from a typhoon on Monday. It passed over Taiwan, leaving one person dead and a trail of destruction.

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