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» »Unlabelled » Are Leaders Meeting at the U.N. on NESARA and Disclosure? | The 2012 Scenario

Are Leaders Meeting at the U.N. on NESARA and Disclosure? | The 2012 Scenario

September 19, 2011
by Laura Tyco
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by Steve Beckow

Dilma is scheduled to meet President Obama, PM Cameron and French President Sarkozy

Why so many government leaders at a U.N. opening? And why is Brazil opening the session this year – Brazil, one of the leaders in Disclosure?

Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff will meet with President Obama, Prime Minister Cameron, French President Nicolas Sarkozy and others on a so-called “Open Government Initiative.”

Are these meetings, which may include Sec. Gen. Ban Ki-moon and other U.N. personnel, actually a cover for discussions related to NESARA and Disclosure? They seem to include quite a few of the leaders said to be committed to them.

More generally, 120 world leaders will be at the U.N. General Assembly meeting at which Palestinian statehood will be discussed. That’s a very large gathering of leaders – unusual?

Four articles are here appended. The first is on the meetings, the rest are background on the “Open Government Initiative.” In my view, open government is clearly an anti-cabal initiative.

Brazilian president first woman to open round of UN General Assembly speeches, Sept. 19, 2011

Brazilian president Dilma Rousseff will become on Wednesday the first woman ever to open the round of speeches marking the beginning of the United Nations General Assembly, according to Brazilian sources.

Dilma is scheduled to meet President Obama, PM Cameron and French President Sarkozy

“On the 21st, the President becomes the first woman since the foundation of the United Nations to address, with her speech, the opening of the General Assembly”, pointed out the Brazilian Foreign Affairs ministry.

President Rousseff’s activities in New York begin Monday at a special meeting on chronic diseases chaired by the former Chilean President Michelle Bachelet who is currently head of the Woman Office in the UN.

On Tuesday Ms Rousseff is scheduled to meet with US President Barack Obama with both leaders making the official presentation of the Open Government Society, a UN promoted initiative, which this year is jointly chaired by the US and Brazil, said Rodrigo Baena, spokesperson for the Brazilian presidency.

Later in the day the Brazilian President will be meeting her Mexican peer, Felipe Calderón and at night will be awarded a prize for her dedication as a public servant, from the Woodrow Wilson International Centre for Scholars.

On Wednesday before opening the round of speeches of the 66th General Assembly, President Rousseff will have a private meeting with UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon.

“The President is drafting a wide ranging and incisive speech in which she will defend social inclusion and human rights guarantees”, said the official news agency Brazil.

Likewise the Brazilian leader will address the effects of the global crisis, the need to reform the UN Security Council, supporting sustainable development and recalling that next June 2012 Rio do Janeiro will be hosting the world conference on climate change, Rio+20.

Following her speech the Brazilian president is scheduled to hold private meetings with UK Prime Minister David Cameron and later French president Nicholas Sarkozy with whom she will address the world crisis among other issues.

On Thursday the agenda in New York is over but previously Ms Rousseff will be participating in a UN nuclear security meeting and of a Security Council session on preventive diplomacy.

Over 120 world leaders are expected in New York for the UN General Assembly where Palestine’s bid for UN membership is likely to be the highlight. A lot of attention is also expected around the ‘Arab Spring’ and general unrest in that region.

U.S., Brazil To Lead International Open Government Partnership

Nick Judd | July 12, 2011

Ask the State Department and it is a return to a challenge President Barack Obama issued at the last U.N. General Assembly, encouraging other countries to embrace open government. Ask some observers, and it is a return to the American practice of democracy building, just under a different name.

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton at an event in Washington, D.C. in March. Photo: Medill DC /Flickr

Either way, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Brazilian Foreign Minister Antonio Patriota this morning announced international partnership to promote transparency, citizen participation, and accountability in participating countries. The event was streamed live on

In her remarks, Clinton promised the State Department would place heightened importance on the fight against corruption worldwide, and that the administration would work to boost political support for anti-corruption and tax reform efforts, among others.

“It might have been possible in the past, by the past I mean 20 years ago, not so long ago, for governments to just refuse to be transparent because there were monopolies on sources of information and channels to people,” the secretary of state said this morning. “But that is no longer the case. And we have also seen the correlation between openness in government and success in the economic sphere.”

Called the Open Government Partnership, the international effort intends to encourage governments to focus on transparency, citizen participation, accountability, and technology and innovation in country “action plans” to be developed through the September start of a new United Nations General Assembly. The plan is to connect participating countries with each other and with experts in civil society organizations who will share their expertise as each country pursues its action plan over the course of the year, culminating in a self-assessment and another report compiled by “well-respected local governance experts,” according to a roadmap published on the partnership’s website.

“Once a grassroots movement that emerged out of meetings between activists and geeks,” Open Society Foundation consultant David Sasaki writes in a blog post, “open government is now being adopted by some of the world’s biggest NGOs and transformed into a tool of diplomacy.”

(Update: Sasaki wrote in asking to clarify that he was not speaking for OSF in his blog post. Thus, so stipulated.) READ MORE

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