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» »Unlabelled » 100s of Jumbo squid wash up in San Clemente, California - 22nd Sept 2011

100s of Jumbo squid wash up in San Clemente, California - 22nd Sept 2011

Between 100 and 200 dead squid washed up on San Clemente beaches Wednesday night or Thursday morning, most likely a result of spawning.

The squid are most likely Humboldt squid, also called jumbo squid, that have appeared in large numbers off the coasts of Orange and San Diego counties in recent days, said Ty Gevas of Davey’s Locker Sportfishing & Whale Watching in Newport Beach.

Fisherman have been catching large numbers, he said.

The squid, a foot long or more, provoked curiosity from beachgoers as cleanup crews worked to remove the carcasses Thursday morning, said San Clemente lifeguard Ian Burton.

“They were pretty big-size squid, like two feet long, very fat,” said surfer Carl Christ of Dana Point. “I’ve never seen anything like it.”

A state Fish and Game warden who happened to be scuba diving in the area Thursday saw the squid, and said they most likely died after spawning, a natural occurrence. Source

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