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» »Unlabelled » Strange RF Signal Picked Up By Radio Telescopes In California From Comet Elenin

August 31, 2011

Update: Yet again, Facebook censored the article, particularly in U.S. by deleting comments, wall posts. Even forcing its user to enter security text code prior to SHARE the article link on their wall and blocking facebook user friends to view the news link. Even U.S. prostitute media had blacklist the News.

Now big question is how to fightback, our answer is please share the link with everyone via email, Google plus and ask your friends, to do the same and tweet it with #Elenin

In our last report on Elenin, we had informed Elenin comet coma diameter exceeded 1,24,274 miles, larger than Jupiter

Now in latest development, a strange RF signal is picked up by radio telescopes in California from Elenin.For several days, has been analyzing radio signals picked up by the USC California Radio Telescope. The signal comes from the transit area of "Elenin" and coincides with the observation G pulse, which also are being analyzed by independent experts. The pulses are equally amazing. In various forums, experts are analyzing the signals

Earlier we had questioned, why was it that NASA turned off the granddaddy of all NEO (Near Earth Objects) telescopes & SETI ATA this year.

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