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Nibiru triggers an Earth crust displacement in 2011:

an integration of Velikovsky, Sitchin and ZetaTalk

By Rolf Kenneth Myhre

Last updated: August 20, 2011.

Immanuel Velikovsky: spokesperson for astronomically triggered Earth crust displace­ments.

Immanuel Velikovsky (1895-1979) was born as the youngest of three sons of a wealthy Jewish family in the Russian town Vitebsk. He was raised in an intellectual home. His father had dedicated his whole life for a renaissance of the Jewish people in their original country. His mother was a linguist. Velikovsky finished college with the very best marks and a gold medal. He then spent a few years studying several subjects at several universities around in Europe. In 1915 he returned to Moscow, started to study medicine and completed the graduation i 1921. He moved to Berlin, where he in 1923 married the violinist Elisheva Kramer. With financial support from his father he initiated a comprehensive editorial project with the purpose of promoting the establishment of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and its library. For three years he was the chief editor of scientific monographs and articles written by jews. He engaged Albert Einstein (1879-1955) to become editor for the collection of volumes in mathematics and physics. They became lifelong intellectual friends, with some ups and downs. After a few years Velikovsky and Elisheva moved to Palestine where he studied under a student of Freud. He then practiced as a physician, psychiatrist and psycho­analyst for 15 years, some of them in Jerusalem.

Velikovsky from a young man to old, with Elisheva

Freud’s interest in the mythical Oedipus, pharaoh Akhenaten and Moses set Velikovsky’s thoughts on a track that resulted in an obsessive idea that the plagues that crippled Egypt immediately before Moses led the Jewish people out of Egypt (the Exodus) had to be manifestations of a cataclysm. This idea led Velikovsky to long and difficult in-depth studies and contem­plations on the significance that cataclysms have had in outer space, in the geological shaping of Earth, in the evolution of plant and animal species, and in the cultural history of mankind. He saw how academic disciplines like astro­nomy, geology, evolutionary biology and history had completely suppressed the existence of global cataclysms. These disciplines had instead been embedded in Charles Lyell’s hypothesis of gradualism (or uniformitarianism) from the 1830s. According to this hypothesis, the geological processes of the past, and the tempo of these processes, were no different from what we today can observe. The great dramas of Nature are supposed to proceed extremely slowly and gradual. Velikovsky realized that his life mission was to give the Western culture a kind of psychotherapy in which the traumas of the past (the global cataclysms) would be brought up to the surface of conscious­ness again, and academically be fully acknowledged.

Velikovsky and his family visited New York in the summer of 1939. World events and his own research made them stay there. He got a job at the library of Colombia University, New York City, where he for the next ten years got ever deeper in scientific and historical studies.

Even before the publication of Velikovsky’s first book, Worlds in Collision (1950), a heated controversy arose in which authors of textbooks in astronomy demanded that the publisher Macmillan should not publish the book. After the first printing, Macmillan gave in for the pressure, and sold its publishing rights to the publisher Doubleday. The book was a sales success that made Velikovsky world famous. In 1955 a follow-up was published, Earth in Upheaval. These two books are now more actual than ever, and worth their weight in gold. These two books are an interdisciplinary argument that the Earth has had several close encounters with one or several planets or giant comets. The magnetic force field of the encountering planet or comet has then caused a geomagnetic change, i.e. the two magnetic poles in the Earth’s fluid core changes their positions. This geomagnetic change has then, due to friction, caused a crustal displacement, which means that the Earth’s crust like a loose orange peel slides relative to the Earth’s core.

In this article we will use the term Earth crust displacement, since this term can not be misunderstood (Wiki article: Cataclysmic Pole shift hypothesis). We will avoid the terms “axial shift” and “pole shift”, since various authors use these terms in various ways. Velikovsky believed that Earth crust displacement is connected with a stop for a few days of the Earth’s diurnal rotation. Velikovsky found historical descriptions of a prolongation of the day or night in connection with great cataclysms from Egypt (”The Kolbrin”), Mexico (”Annals of Cuautitlán” and ”Popol Vuh”) and China (”Book 5 of Mozi”). The period for these events was around 1500 BC.

Velikovsky reached the conclusion that an Earth crust displacement is the only possible explanation for several geological, climatological and paleontological discoveries and facts that must have been cataclysmically triggered. How did the Himalayas, the Alps and the Andes, which once were below the oceans, rise and reach their present heights? Allan and Delair have in their book Cataclysm! (1997) gathered much evidence that a very dramatic mountain building (”orogenesis”) happened around 9500 BC, all over the world! This does not mean that the present mountain ranges were created from scratch around that time, but that the mountain ranges then were given a major lift from 1-4 km and reached their present heights. The Alps may have been given a lift of no less than 4 km, and they were moved 100-600 km northwards.

Velikovsky was also sceptical of the scientific belief that the Earth has had one or several ice ages, in the meaning of continental glaciers expanding out from the polar regions towards the equatorial zone. May the true explanation of this assumed ice age, which the geologists call the Pleistocene epoch, be that during an Earth crust displacement the tectonic plate in the polar region (covered with land and/or ocean) is all or partly moved out of that region and into a temperate or tropical zone? And at the same time a tectonic plate in a temperate or tropical zone (covered with land and/or ocean) is all or partly moved into the polar region? For the plate being moved all or partly into the polar region, a sudden (but local) “ice age” starts. For the plate being moved all or partly into a temperate or tropical zone, a sudden deglaciation begins due to a sudden warmer climate.

What had millions of bisons and woolly mammoths, built for relatively mild and short winters, to do in northeastern Siberia during the assumed last glacial period? Neither mammoths nor bisons would have survived in Siberia today, with a biting cold winter lasting nine months with an average temperature of -18°C, which easily can drop further to -40°C. After a few days they would have perished from cold and lack of food and water. If they could not have survived today, how could they have survived a far colder and harsher glacial period of 100.000 years? Mammoth and bison would neither have survived the short summer months of today in Siberia, since the upper 50 cm. of the permafrost melts and turns to bog. In the stomachs of many of the deep-freezed intact mammoth carcasses, plants have been found belonging to a moderate climate zone. Large parts of Europe, Russia and Siberia were probably very fertile steppes and grassland where mammoth and bison thrived. The extinction of the woolly mammoth was part of the global Pleistocene/Holocene mass extinction of megafauna [Wiki article: Quaternary extinction event], which timewise coincides with the end of the assumed last glacial period, ca. 9.700 BC. The two most popular scientific hypotheses of what caused this mass extinction, are: 1) a global climate change to the better, and 2) that hunters quite suddenly did an “overkill” of all the megafauna! Both of these hypotheses are ridiculous. The most natural explanation of a global mass extinction of both flora and fauna is a global cataclysm. Was the tectonic plate of the northeastern part of Siberia during an Earth crust displacement moved from a moderate climate zone into the polar region, while the tectonic plate of the northeastern America was moved out of the polar region to its present position?

Woolly mammoth

In a cave in Yorkshire, North England, bones from tropical species like hippopotami, rhinoceroses, hyenas and tigers have been found. Bones from hippos are found all over England. What are we supposed to believe? Did these tropical species migrate to the northern latitudes because these latitudes could offer a “tropical period” between two “glacial periods”? But if the tropical period was global, why should these species move at all? How can we explain the fact that tropical fauna and flora earlier thrived in both the Arctic and the Antarctic regions? Does Earth regularly switch between global ice ages and global tropical ages? Louis Agassiz (1807-1873), the founder of the ice age theory, concluded that glaciers earlier had been covering India, equatorial Africa (Madagascar) and equatorial Brazil. The glaciers expanded from the equatorial zone southwards and northwards! This fact is in conflict with all conventional logic, and requires an unconventional solution.

Though Charles Hapgood, a professor in history, wrote a book in 1958 (revised in 1970) where he argued for Earth crust displacements, these displacements were according to him of a non-cataclysmic character (see Footnote 1).

Charles Lyell Louis Agassiz

Velikovsky’s great problem in his first book was to identify the planet whose magnetic force field caused the global cataclysms around 1500 BC, including the ten plagues that crippled Egypt and that was exploited by Moses to start the Exodus. Velikovsky ended up blaming Venus. His arguments for identifying Venus as the culprit covered not more than twenty pages in his 400 pages plus book. More than 90 % of all the academic critique that has been raised against Velikovsky in the last fifty years has been an attack of his Venus theory, which was a minor point in Velikovsky’s mission and books. His mission was to document that an Earth crust displacement, triggered by a close encounter with a celestial object, has occurred at least once in historical time, and may happen again.

Velikovsky never got the academic approval that he thought he deserved. Despite great public interest in his books, this lack of recognition gave him bouts of depression. In 1952 he and his family moved from Manhattan to Princeton, New Jersey, where they stayed the rest of his life. Velikovsky also got published three historical books that presented a drastically revised version of the ancient kingdoms’ chronologies, especially Egypt’s. The first one was Ages in Chaos. In the last three years of his life (81-84 years old) came Peoples of the Sea (1977) and Rameses II and his Time (1978). These books are fascinating, and there is no doubt that the Egyptian chronology needs a drastic revision. Personally, I have chosen to reject Veli­kovsky’s revisionistic version, being in favour of the version of Peter James and his team (see their website Centuries of Darkness).

Zecharia Sitchin: on the Sumerian view of who created us in ”their image”.

Zecharia Sitchin (1920-2010) was born in the capital Baku of Azerbaijan. His parents emigrated a few years later to Palestine, where he was raised. Zecharia excelled as a student, and desired to learn the region’s old and modern languages together with its history and myths. He continued his education in London, where he graduated in the history of economics at the University of London. Zecharia then returned to Palestine, and started to work as editor and author of academic articles for journals in economics and history. 28 years of age, he moved to New York and became an American citizen in 1948. He continued in his profession as a journalist and editor, while he in his spare time wrote thick volumes of notes on the beginning of civilization.

Zecharia Sitchin (1920-2010) pictured in New York Times a few months before he died.

The Sumerian enlarged seal shows a man being led to an

Anunnaki leader, in order to be given the plow and agricultural knowledge.

Sitchin developed a strong interest in exploring the subject of whom the Bible was referring to in Genesis chap. 6 as “the sons of God” and the Nefilim (“the Giants”).

”When men began to increase in number on the earth and daughters were born to them, the sons of God saw that the daughters of men were beautiful, and they married any of them they chose. Then the LORD said, "My Spirit will not contend with man forever, for he is mortal; his days will be a hundred and twenty years”.

The Nephilim were on the earth in those days – and also afterward – when the sons of God went to the daughters of men and had children by them. They were the heroes of old, men of renown.”

The Sumerian word Anunnaki (“Those who from Heaven to Earth came”) was in The Hebrew Bible translated to Nephilim, which literally may mean “The fallen ones” (Wiki article: Nephilim). The word Nephilim may also mean “the Giants”, and this interpretation has been chosen in some, but not all, translations to English of The Old Testament.

In the first two chapters of Genesis we are given two different versions of the creation narrative. They differ both in the sequence of what is created, and in how mankind was created. In the first narrative (Genesis 1-2:3) God (”Elohim”) created the animals before mankind. Adam and Eve are not mentioned in this version. This narrative was written by the Priestly Source (P), probably under Hezekiah, king of Judah (715-687) (Friedman, 2. ed. 1997). The narrative seems to be an edited version of the Babylonian creation myth Enuma Elish.

In the second narrative (Genesis 2:4-25) the Lord (”Yahweh”) created (not mankind, but) just two persons: Adam and Eve. Adam was first created, then the animals and the birds, and finally Eve. This narrative was written by the Jahwist, most probably in the period 850-722 (Friedman, 2. ed. 1997). This narrative is an edited version of Sumerian mythology in which the Anunnaki played the role of “gods” to the humans. Richard Elliott Friedman’s book Who wrote the Bible (2. ed. 1997) is recommended as a very good introduction to biblical criticism.

Since the last quarter of the 1800s many Sumerian cuneiform tablets have been found. They show that the stories in Genesis from the second creation narrative (Genesis 2:4-25) to the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah (Genesis 19) are strongly edited and distorted Anunnaki sagas. The Sumerian original texts tell us, in no uncertain terms, about an extra-terrestrial team that came from the planet Nibiru to Earth ca. 443.000 years ago in order to find gold. They needed cheap labour force to work in the gold mines, so according to the clay tablets they gene-modified existing apemen to become proto humans ca. 270.000 years ago. We reproduced fast, and our women were often sexu­ally exploited, in harems and as slaves, by the “creators”. Hybrids between the male Anunnaki and the human females were sometimes born and survived the childhood.

According to Sitchin the last ones from this ET group disappeared from Earth around 550 BC, by leaving the planet and/or by natural death. In the Epic of Gilgamesh (ca. 2600 BC) the co-existence of humans and the Anunnakis is described as a matter of course. Gilgamesh himself, a historical king of the Sumerian city Uruk, had an Anunnaki mother and a human father. It is just academic besserwisserei (”we know better”) that is responsible for the academic stance that we should not interpret the Sumerian stories about the Anunnakis literally, but that we instead should interpret the Anunnakis as part of the Sumerians’ imaginative world of myths.

Left: Sumerian illustration of the Anunnaki woman Ninmah who according to what the Sumerians were told created Earth man (Homo sapiens). Right: Anunnakis in their professional role as pilots, astronauts and space base commanders were often illustrated with wings. The wings did not symbolize anything spiritual.

Sitchin’s first book was published in 1976, The 12th Planet. The content of the book is so fantastic that it sounds more like adventurous science fiction than history. However, the book is academically solid from every point of view, and cannot be compared to the more journalistic and entertaining style that characterizes the books by Erich von Däniken. Sitchin wrote in all 14 books, the last one was published just a few months before his death on October 9, 2010. He has given us a new and exciting version of the history of mankind, free from the academics’ besserwisserei interpretations. Sitchin’s first book has been translated to 25 languages.

Sitchin, in contrast to Velikovsky and Däniken, was very little criticized by the academics. They rather avoided him, finding him too far out. The newly educated linguist Michael S. Heiser, however, tried to create a stir about Sitchin’s lack of any formal qualifications in the ancient languages, and made some noise about the fact that Sitchin’s interpretation of certain Sumerian words differed from the conventional interpretation of those words. Sitchin, however, always argued in his books for his alternative inter­pretations, and thus didn’t see the need to respond to the kind of critique that Heiser voiced.

A central idea in Sitchin’s books, based on what the Sumerians had been taught by their masters, is that Nibiru is a planet in our solar system that each 3.600 years crosses the ecliptic close to the orbit of Earth. If Earth should be nearby during Nibiru’s passage, global cataclysms may be triggered on Earth. Nibiru means “the crossing planet”.

ZetaTalk: Nibiru will trigger an Earth crust displacement in April, August or December 2011

The website ZetaTalk was established in 1995 by Nancy Lieder (USA). She claims to be tele­pathically in contact with, and spokesperson for, an ET group that for at least one million years have had planet Earth as their base. This ET group became known in the 1960s as the Zetas, named by their original home star system which we call Zeta Reticuli. They first got public attention in connection with the Betty and Barney Hill abduction which happened during a car drive in September 1961. The full story of this and later experiences was told in the book The Interrupted Journey (1966) by John G. Fuller.

Nancy Lieder Barney and Betty Hill

Since the end of the 1980s thousands of persons around the world have contacted hypnotherapists due to interrupting memory flashbacks of having been abducted repeatedly to spaceships. Three Americans with different academic back­grounds chose to specialize in just these cases: Budd Hopkins, David M. Jacobs and John E. Mack (1929-2004). 6-7 books have been written by them, which indeed is interesting reading. What is most striking, is how the stories of the abducted persons match each other to such a high degree, despite the fact that most of these persons had never read a single UFO book before. There are several types of physical evidences that prove that many of these abduction experiences have had a physical foundation and could not just have been a phantasy.

Some of the most fascinating stories told during hypnotherapy are about their own partici­pation in what sounds like an enormously huge and complex hybrid program that the Zetas are responsible for. The aim is to make a hybrid species of the Zetas and the Homo sapiens. It is also of interest that during the hypnotherapy sessions many persons recall being shown various doomsday scenarios, and that they are given suggestions that this is really going to happen. They are also given suggestions that they during these cataclysms will have certain tasks to perform which they now should prepare for.

Budd Hopkins David M. Jacobs John E. Mack

This short summary does not allow a proper evaluation of the information on the website ZetaTalk. Let me just say that the information differ drastically from all else I have seen of channeling and ET-contact literature. The Zetas appear to be almost all-knowing in the vast range of scientific disciplines. The information that they give us on a large specter of subjects is certainly above our academic standard of today. Their psychological and political insights are penetrating and straight to the point. Their analyses are integral, intelligent, sharp and precise. Their vocabu­lary and mastery of the English language (through Nancy Lieder) is superb. Their charm, humour and style of “relaxed seriousness” is distinct and give a favourable impression.

ZetaTalk’s information about the planet Nibiru is impressively precise:

  • Size: 4 x Earth’s diameter.
  • Mass: 23 x Earth’s mass. [Jupiter has 318 x Earth’s mass, so Nibiru is just a little boy compared to Jupiter].
  • Gravity: ca. 1,6 x Earth’s G.
  • Orbital period around its two stars: in average 3.657 years.
  • Orbital length (to-and-fro): (3,6 + 18,74 + 3,6) x 2 = 51,88 x Sun-Pluto distances.

According to ZetaTalk, Nibiru follows almost a linear (non-elliptical) orbit between and ca. 20 % past the Sun and its dark unlit twin star. The distance between the two stars is 18,74 Sun-Pluto distances, while the distance from one of the stars to the endpoint of the orbit is 3,6 Sun-Pluto distances. The unlit twin star is located ca. 11° below the ecliptic in the direction of Orion. When Nibiru enters the Solar System below the ecliptic, it changes the angle from 11° to the sharper 32° in order to pass the ecliptic faster.

The journey between the two stars is in the main a very slow and lonesome odyssey through the dark and cold interstellar space. It is only when Nibiru is closing in on one of the two stars that its speed increases extremely due to the star’s force of gravity. Nibiru has its highest speed when it crosses the ecliptic halfway between the Sun and the Earth’s orbit. Nibiru does only trigger an Earth crust displacement those times when it comes between the Sun and the Earth. After having passed the star, a sharp deceleration sets in before Nibiru comes to a complete stop, hovering unmoving for three years and six months. In this hovering position Nibiru is extremely “vulnerable” in the way that it may be attracted in any direction, dependent upon which stellar and planetary forces that are around. If Nibiru does not fall under the influence of forces outside our Solar System, it will, at first very slowly, start its return journey. This has been going on for more than a billion years. Nibiru on its return from the endpoint passes too far away from the orbit of Earth to be a potential danger.

ZetaTalk confirms Sitchin’s under­standing that Nibiru is the planet that the Anunnakis came from, and that the Anunnakis have dominated our culture far into historical time. ZetaTalk further confirms Velikovsky’s understanding that the ten plagues that hit Egypt immediately before the Exodus (which ZetaTalk dates to ca. 1628 BC, the date of the Thera eruption) were part of global cataclysms connected to an Earth crust displacement (Wiki article: Minoan eruption). The planet which triggered this displacement was Nibiru, not Venus. For more indications of cataclysms all over the world in this period, see the Wiki articles Avellino eruption, Deucalion and Ipuwer Papyrus. See also the article Environmental change and economic development in coastal Peru between 5,800 and 3,600 years ago by Daniel H. Sandweiss et al. (2008), and Nancy Lieder’s note The Kolbrin, Its Secrets Revealed.

According to ZetaTalk, Nibiru reached the inner part of our solar system, below the ecliptic, in spring 2003. Nibiru’s arrival and effect on Earth was registered by seismographs all over the world in March 2003 (source). In December 2003 Nibiru had come so close that the Earth could not continue in its orbit around the Sun. Soon, also Venus was stopped in its orbit. In June 2004, the Earth’s twin, going in the same orbit as Earth but normally being on the opposite side of the Sun, had reached Earth from behind and was also stopped. Thus, since June 2004, the Earth, its twin and Venus have been a “caught trio” which are pushed forward by the sweeping arm of the Sun, and at the same time are being blocked by Nibiru coming toward them. According to ZetaTalk, Earth has since December 2003 in fact been forced backwards to its August position! The reason why the Earth has kept its seasons, is due to ET intervention pushing the Earth a little bit up and down from the ecliptic, which has the same effect. Yes, these claims are extra-ordinary!

If Earth’s orbit around the Sun really has been stopped, so that Earth is now only influenced by the gravity of the Sun, then why does not the Earth crash toward the Sun? According to ZetaTalk, our science has acknowledged (rather incompletely) only one component of gravity. Our science has not acknowledged that gravity also has an immanent repulsion force (ZetaTalk note: Repulsion force). ZetaTalk claims, further, that if the current understanding of gravity had been correct, then the planets would lang time ago have crashed into the Sun, and the Moon would long time ago have crashed into Earth, due to their low speed. It seems that the astrophysicists and the matema­ticians, in order to save their understanding of gravity, have introduced an exception from the second law of entropy, so that the planets and the moons assumingly have zero orbital decay and thus can continue their orbits forever (in spite of the recognition that the interplanetary medium is not a vacuum).

One would believe that the Earth’s halt in its orbit around the Sun since December 2003 would easily be exposed. In Newsletter no. 174 (February 28, 2010) ZetaTalk claims that the transfer of the recording of pictures from the space-based solar observatory SOHO to official web-sites on Earth is being manipulated by a movie with the expected star constellations in the background going in loop! This trick has now been exposed in several ways.

According to ZetaTalk, the effect of Nibiru’s presence from early 2004 until ca. July 20, 2010, was that Earth was subject to a continuous wobble of the spin axis, in the way that the Earth’s north-south axis started to sway in the pattern of a horizontal figure 8, a kind of serpentine dance. The swaying increased in 2005 with a tilt of 4-21°, and increased further in 2007 with a tilt of 19-38° (see ZT Newsletter Nov 25, 2007). This wobble was the real cause behind the escalating extreme weather and the extreme temperatures worldwide. A result of this was the catastrophic fall in global food production and increasing food shortage worldwide (source). The wobbling was also the cause of why GPS equipment started to fail, since the GPS satelite network did not take the wobble in consideration (source). Failing GPS equipment have already resulted in several serious accidents.

From around July 20, 2010, the effect on Earth of its ”trapped” planetary constellation shifted to a new phase, in which the wobbling in the serpentine pattern got substituted by a rattling to-and-fro between a tilt to the left and an opposition to Nibiru’s magnetic north pole. This rattling increased in force during the fall, making the Earth’s tectonic plates slam into the adjacent plates every day. Thus, it was only a question of time before a plate would give in, by tipping or becoming involved in a subduction process. This would then trigger a very complex tectonic chain reaction around the world.

During the summer and the fall of 2010, ZetaTalk claimed that the rattling of the Earth would create a tectonic chain reaction in the form of four great cataclysms. The first of these four would occur at the end of 2010. These four cataclysms we will refer to as the Level 7 cataclysms, and the first of the four we will refer to as the Indonesia cataclysm. The start of the Indonesia cataclysm would be the tipping of The Indo-Australian Plate and the Philippine Sea Plate, with the consequence that the Eurasian Plate’s Indonesian ”tongue” would break off and partly be subducted. The Indonesian islands would then experience land subsidence which would vary from 20 to 80 feet [Wiki article: Subsidence]. In addition, they would be cata­strophi­cally struck by huge tsunamies.

The readers interpreted the ZetaTalk message to mean that the Indonesia cataclysm would happen so suddenly and dramatically that they expected a world sensation in the media before the end of 2010. When nothing worthy of mention had happened during the first half of December 2010, ZetaTalk explained on December 18 that their factual words were that the cataclysm would get a sudden start before the end of 2010. The Zetas then claimed that the subsidence would manifest in jerks over the next 2-3 weeks (source1 and source2).

On January 15, 2011, the period of 2-3 weeks had run out. At that time vast areas of the northeastern part of Australia had been submerged, in fact a land area larger than Germany and France combined! Also, most of the Indonesian islands had by then been inundated at the coasts. The official explanation given in the media was always the same: All the inundations were due to heavy precipitation. According to ZetaTalk, the inundations were partly due to tectonic changes that made the ocean floors at various places lift or subside. This caused the displacement of huge masses of water, so the inundations that the islands experienced were partly water coming from the ocean.

On January 15, 2011, ZetaTalk had two new comments about the situation (source). In the first comment, they admitted to have miscalculated the exact details of the process of the Indonesia cataclysm. The tipping of the Indo-Australian Plate had not happened as fast and dramatic as originally assumed, due to the plate’s iterative undulation which is very difficult to predict exactly. However, ZetaTalk insisted on being right about the sudden start of the cataclysm before the end of 2010, and that the final outcome of the ongoing cataclysm is given and will be in accordance with their original prediction. Since the middle of January 2011 the inundations in Indonesia have just gotten worse, and it is now being admitted in several articles in the local news that water coming from the ocean certainly is part of it.

In the second comment, the Zetas claimed that the governments in Indonesia and Indochina are aware of the real causes of the inundations, but that the degree of censorship they execute over their national media vary. In January and February 2011, ZetaTalk directed their readers’ attention to several articles in the news about natural disasters in the South and Central America. These disasters were explained as the beginning of the second of the four Level 7 cataclysms. The nature of the second cataclysm will be that the northern part of South America will roll westward, with catastrophical consequences for Central America and the Caribbean islands. Per August 2011 it must be said that the predicted time schedule for the Level 7 cataclysms is gravely delayed. While this delay may give some ZetaTalk fans the hope that nothing cataclysmic is going to happen, ZetaTalk answers that no matter this delay, the final and greatest plate displacements will still happen due to the predicted time schedule.

From a conventional geoscientific perspective, the Level 7 cataclysms would be unexplain­able given the Earth’s supposed history of quieten down the last millions of years, and given the supposed absence of macrocosmic stressors that might trigger such a reaction. For more information about the Level 7 cataclysms, see my article (in Norwegian) While we are waiting for the Level 7 cataclysms (last updated: February 24, 2011). The article can be “Google translated” to all the major languages in the world (or contact me for help).

* * *

During the fall of 2010, the ZetaTalk message got very clear: A close encounter between Nibiru and Earth will happen at the end of a trimester before 2012, i.e. in April, August or December 2011. This encounter will trigger a geomagnetic change followed by an Earth crust displacement, which again will trigger the most violent and dramatic global cataclysms the Earth has experienced in the last 50.000 years. According to ZetaTalk, the coming displace­ment and its consequences was several decades ago predicted by a certain trans- and interplanetary council, by ZetaTalk just called the Council of Worlds. On several levels it was decided by voting that for the sake of the spiritual development of both planet Earth and of mankind, this cataclysmic event will not be warded off.

Nibiru, or more precisely the thick dust cloud which always surrounds the planet, could be seen in the evening sky close to Orion in spring 2003. In summer and autumn 2003, Nibiru could sometimes be seen as a dramatic extra sun since the dust cloud reflected the sunshine back to Earth. Astronomers working for the government were given the task to explain away this revealing view with the optical phenomenon known as sun dog (scientific name par­helion) [Wiki article: Sun dog]. A sun dog is the refraction of light from the Sun through ice crystals. Sun dogs often appear on both sides of the Sun in a horizontal line, red colored at the side nearest the Sun. Farther out the colors grade through oranges to blue. According to Nancy Lieder, a sun dog (refracted light) does not get reflected in water, while the reflected light from Nibiru does get reflected in water. Nibiru can only be seen to the right of the Sun in the Northern hemisphere, and only to the left of the Sun in the Southern hemisphere. After autumn 2003, Nibiru changed its position and angle so that from an Earthly perspective it was usually too close to the Sun to be differen­tiated.

Obviously a sun dog, from North Dakota

According to Nancy, we see the reflection of Nibiru to the right of the Sun.
From Sweden July 4, 2006.

While the Earth and the other planets in our Solar System rotate around their own axis counter­clockwise and move in their orbit around the Sun counterclockwise, Nibiru rotates clockwise and passes through the ecliptic clockwise. This is the reason why Nibiru in the Northern hemisphere will be seen to the right of the Sun; and in the Southern hemisphere will be seen to the left of the Sun. In March 2009 Nibiru started to move away from the Sun, at least from an Earthly perspective. On March 27, 2009, the space-based solar observatory SOHO (a cooperative project between NASA and ESA) filmed, with its LASCO coronograph’s C3-detector, an object between the Sun and Mercury. This object had the characteristic “wing pattern” of Nibiru; the illusion of wings spreading out from the planet is due to the biggest moons hovering around Nibiru.

The symbol of the Winged globe (or “The Winged Sun”) is found in all the cultures of the ancient Near East, from the Sumerians to the Egyptians. Modern academics wrongly interprete the symbol to represent the Sun. On April 19, 2009, SOHO again filmed an object with the characteristic “wing pattern” of Nibiru, to the right of the Sun. At the time none of the other planets in our Solar System were in that sector of the sky. In April and May 2009 new amateur photos and videos were taken of an extra “sun” at sunrise and sunset. Some of them have been posted at YouTube. [Here is a video stub of the extra sun, filmed not far from The Black Sea (Chkalovsky) on April 21, 2009].

The winged globe in ancient cultures SOHO/LASCO recording Nibiru on March 27, 2009.

SOHO/LASCO recording Nibiru on April 19, 2009.

Sitchin has in several of his books – e.g. The End of Days (2007, chap. 10) – identified the “cross in heaven” symbol with Nibiru. This symbol was first used by the Sumerians, and later by the Babylonian Kassite dynasty (1531-1155). In October 2006 NASA started the STEREO Project, a new space-based solar observatory, to study the Sun in 3D (Wiki article: STEREO). STEREO consists of two spacecrafts (Ahead and Behind), each equipped with two coronographs (COR1 and COR2). The spacecraft STEREO Ahead is ahead of Earth in its (supposed) orbit around the Sun, while the spacecraft STEREO Behind is behind Earth in its (supposed) orbit around the Sun. In December 4.-5., 2009, STEREO Ahead COR2 filmed a shining cross reminding very much of the ancient symbol of Nibiru. ZetaTalk confirmed that the Nibiru complex had been filmed [see the ZetaTalk note SOHO says so (December 5, 2009)]. See also Nancy’s video presentation (YouTube, December 18, 2009) for a presentation of some of Nibiru’s symbols and some of the relevant pictures from SOHO and STEREO.

Sumerian and Kassite cross symbols of Nibiru STEREO picture December 4, 2009

In January 2010 the STEREO telescope EUVI filmed some unidentified bullet-shaped objects around the Sun. According to ZetaTalk, these were some of the moons of Nibiru. Joseph B. Gurman, STEREO Project Scientist, explained the bullet-shaped objects as “compression artifacts, highly magnified” of single particles (cosmic ray or solar energetic, charged particle) hitting the CCD detector (see ZetaTalk’s and Gurman’s explanations).

Some of Nibiru’s moons filmed on January 2010 by the STEREO telescope EUVI.

On February 10, 2010, COR1 and COR2 on STEREO Ahead filmed what looked like pearls on an invisible thread. They first turned up on February 3, but these pictures were soon removed. They also turned up on February 5. ZetaTalk claims that the “pearls” are some of Nibiru’s moons (see ZetaTalk newsletter 172).

Some of Nibiru’s moons filmed on February 10, 2010, by STEREO Ahead COR1 and COR2.

* * *

Nibiru’s presence since spring 2003 has already had a lot of various effects on Earth: astronomical, plate-tectonic, meteorological, electromagnetic and biological. Consequences hereof have been natural disasters, train and aviation accidents, loss of human lives, and huge economical damages. These effects and consequences have been presented in a systematic way in my article Effects of the Nibiru complex: the big picture that the media will not give you. Some of these effects are being kept secret for the world population, or given quite another explanation in the media. Some of these effects are being presented in media as isolated happenings, the journalists are not even trying to set them in any meaningful context.

The governments and the academia had planned at least two great explanatory bluffs for several of these effects. One of the bluffs was to explain away some of the effects, or their consequences, as a result of “Global Warming”. This card was used to its uttermost, but there are limits to what it can explain! NASA was given the task to embroider the second bluff: “Blame the sun!”. Who can argue against NASA when they warn us of increased solar activity in the form of possible super sun storms with their flares, or super solar winds that can knock out power grids on Earth? Who can argue against NASA when they suggest that the end of the present 11 year solar magnetic activity cycle may be especially dramatic? The last sunspot maximum activity was in year 2000, so it suited NASA quite well that the last years towards 2011 could be used to explain away quite a lot by referring to increasing sunspot activity. However, for NASA it is a sad fact that in the present cycle this pattern of increasing activity has been broken for the first time. The sunspot activity is record low! ZetaTalk explains this as an effect of Nibiru (source). [For academic scare tactics in the media, see: article in Space January 7, 2009; article in New Scientist March 23, 2009; and article in Asylum June 15, 2010, where Richard Fisher, head of NASA's Heliophysics Division, warns us about a possible End of the World in 2013!].

Those who are initiated who neither want the population to be prepared for the Earth crust displacement, nor want the survivors in aftertime to have a proper understanding of what happened, are sponsoring each program, project, conference and movie production that either promotes the year 2012 as End Time or promotes some other causal explanation to End Time than Nibiru. Naturally, it is a condition that ZetaTalk will not be mentioned. As an example of two such disinfo-based “disclosure projects”, ZetaTalk mentions Horizon Project which has many NASA employees in the team; and Project Camelot which promotes the theory of the sun as the culprit, and interviews many so-called whistleblowers and former insiders. In addition, the newage belief that the Maya calendar, or more precisely the Mesoamerican Long Count calendar [Wiki article], had as its ending date December 21, 2012, is exploited to the uttermost.

Here comes the abstract of my article (in Norwegian) The Maya calendar and the Nibiru cycle (last updated: October 10, 2010): ”We conclude in this article that the Maya culture took over the Long Count calendar from an ET culture that stayed here on Earth. We further conclude that Long Count was based on the Nibiru cycle. Long Count functioned primarily as a countdown calendar for Nibiru’s next passage through the ecliptic, but was no crystal ball for divining whether Nibiru’s next passage would trigger cataclysms on Earth or not. The Anunnakis decided to let 9 baktuns be precisely 3.600 years, so that they had the time margins (57 years) on their side to leave Earth temporarily just before Nibiru’s next dangerous passage. The Maya culture neither understood Long Count’s purpose or premises; thus they did not reset it (as they should have) when Nibiru last time made its way through the ecliptic (ca. 1628 BC). That the modern calculation of Long Count’s ending date is just one year away from ZetaTalk’s prediction of an Earth crust displacement in 2011, seems to the author to be an amazing coincidence. The difference between the two could just as well have been 100 years.”

In November 2009 the movie 2012 was released. The plot is that neutrinos from a massive solar flare are causing the temperature of the Earth's core to increase rapidly. This heating triggers an Earth crust displacement. The whole world is drowned by a mega tsunami that reaches up to the top of Mount Everest. A small elite of very rich and powerful people save themselves in 3-4 specially constructed superlarge arks. The movie mentions Charles Hapgood as an inspirational source for the Earth crust displacement theory. In 2011 the movie 2012: Seeking Closure will be released. The American president announces through television, on December 21, 2012, that within three hours a giant asteroid will hit Earth and probably will exterminate all life. None of the movies give any kind of advice on how to survive or prepare for Aftertime.

ZetaTalk operates with a multidimensional crisis scale of 1 to 10, with level 10 as the Earth crust displacement. At the beginning of 2008 the levels 2 and 3 were reached, and by the end of 2008 the level 5+ was reached. Level 5+ was related to the financial depression. Late in 2009 level 6 was reached, related to Earth changes. We were told that all the coming levels would only be related to Earth changes, not to political, economic or social crises. Level 7 will be reached by the four mentioned Level 7 cataclysms. The first of the Level 7 cataclysms will be the subduction of the Sunda Plate (Wiki article: Sunda Plate). These cataclysms will be a great shock to the whole world. They will make it clear to most people that they have been lied to by the government, the media and the academia concerning what is happening to the Earth. People will then try to find the answers elsewhere, as on Internet.

Level 9 represents the last 50 days before the Earth crust displacement, and can be divided into eight specific phases. Level 9 will start with Nibiru being visible in the sky worldwide. One of the phases will include six days (ca. 144 hours) with no diurnal rotation of the Earth. The Earth crust displacement will be triggered by Nibiru’s magnetic north pole being directed toward Earth. This will force the Earth’s magnetized crust to rotate 90° away from Nibiru, while the Earth’s core at the same time is held back by the magnetic force of the Sun. The displacement will be over in the wink of an hour. As mentioned, the displacement is predicted to happen at the end of April, August or December in 2011. ZetaTalk does not want to be more precise with the actual date of this event, because they are involved in a chess game with the US government, trying to force them to make public their incomplete but real knowledge of Nibiru and the danger of global cataclysms. Nibiru will at its closest be 14 million miles from Earth.

ZetaTalk rejects the geophysicists present understanding of geomagnetism and geomagnetic reversal, which is based on studies of the Earth’s crust. According to ZetaTalk, the Earth’s crust functions as a shield against the Earth’s geomagnetic field. To study the Earth’s geomagnetic field and earlier geomagnetic reversals by a study of this shield can only result in utter confusion (ZetaTalk notes: Pole Reversals and Planetary Magne­tism). The present understanding of geophysicists is that the last geomagnetic reversal happened 780.000 years ago, and that the reversal itself lasted several thousand years (Wiki article: Brunhes–Matuyama reversal). According to ZetaTalk, the geomagnetic changes are always of very short duration, and they happen in connection with an Earth crust displacement. It is always the same magnetic pole which afterwards turns northward.

Illustration of the planetary constellations at the time of the displacement (source).

During and after the hour of the Earth crust displacement, an inferno of nature forces will be released:

* Some tectonic plates, or parts hereof, which on the surface are covered with land, will be pressed down (subduction) so that areas of land will disappear below the ocean. Other plates, or parts hereof, which on the surface are covered with ocean, will be pressed up, thus creating new land. All the plates will change their positions.

* Huge masses of water will slosh out of the ocean basins and as tsunamis roll inland, then roll back and as tsunamis roll over to the inland on the other side [Wiki article: Tsunami]. This rolling to-and-fro the coastlines will happen several times. ZetaTalk has calculated that the coming Earth crust displacement will result in tsunamis that at the coast may be 500-600 feet high.

* Earthquakes, eruptions of all the volcanoes that have been active within the last 10.000 years, and hurricanes of the greatest magnitude and force will be released worldwide.

* Nibirus’ tale of planetary debris will whip the Earth with meteors, hailstorms of stones, red iron dust, and various hydrocarbons such as tar, bitumen and petrochemicals.

During the displacement the waves at the coast may be 500-600 feet high.

ZetaTalk recommends one should plan on being 100 miles inland and 200 feet above today's sea level.

The present appearance of Earth, with its continents and oceans, will be drastically changed. See ZetaTalk’s world map with focus on the new geographical poles and the new equatorial line (here), and their predictions for all the worlds’ nations, islands and great cities (here). According to ZetaTalk, the Earth’s appearance will be further changed by a rise of the sea level with ca. 206 meter (675 feet) within two years after the Earth crust displacement. The first year the rise will be ca. 134 meter (440 feet), the second year the rise will be ca. 72 meter (236 feet). This rise in the global sea level cannot solely be due to the melting of the Antarctic ice sheet, the interior reservoir of the West Antarctic ice sheet and the Greenland ice sheeet, since this will only contribute to a rise of respectively 61.1 m, 6 m, and 7.2 m (Wiki article: Current Sea Level Rise). So what is the source of the last 132 meter rise of the sea level? The warming of the oceans will contribute with a significant rise, due to the fact that warm water expands. But not only water and metal expand by heating. The ocean floors will also be swelling, so that all the ocean basins will be elevated (ZetaTalk: Rising Seas).

To examine how far inland a tsunami will reach, given some information of its height, or how the world or your country will look after a rise of the sea level with 134 meter (the first year) and 206 meter (totally by the second year), the map generating tool Google Maps, Sea Level Rise is recommended. With this tool you can create your own colour maps, store them and print them out.

ZetaTalk have estimated that more than 90 % of mankind will perish during or shortly after the global cataclysms. They have further estimated that ca. 43 % of the survivors will develop some psychotic character traits due to the multitraumatic crises on a personal level that the cataclysms will cause. The psychiatric diagnosis which will come closest to their mental state will be Posttraumatic stress disorder (Wiki article: Posttraumatic stress disorder). Most of the survivors will be unprepared for the sudden and lasting collapse of all civilization, the deaths of many of their beloved and close friends, and the unknown destinies of even more beloved and close friends. It will all be experienced as an uncomprehensible nightmare that they cannot get out of. Starvation will set in all over the world, and last for a long time. The barter system is already on the rise in both USA and Russia, and will after the displacement be the only way of exchanging values and goods. The climate will be drastically changed for most people all over the world, and the weather will for several decades be far more unpredictable than what we today regard as normal.

A transformative age of around 100 years will start, which generally can be divided into the following three phases:

  • a post-apocalyptic survival phase.
  • an ecological small community phase.
  • a eutopic supertech phase dominated by zeta-human-hybrids.

Various spiritual principles and concrete projects by ET groups will have the effect that the present mankind (both those incarnated and those excarnated) will be divided into three very different kinds of destinies, dependent upon their ethical-spiritual level of development. To understand better the next paragraphs, it is an advantage to have some knowledge of ZetaTalk’s views on “densities” (see theme page Density) and on the ethical-spiritual levels of development closest to ourselves (see theme page Orientation).

The Earth has a third density (3D) physical plane, and has for some hundred thousand years functioned as a school for those humans which ethically-spiritually are on the 3D level, i.e. young souls that have not yet decided on a soul level whether to go in a selfish or unselfish direction. It is now predetermined that Earth in around 100 years from now will be transformed to a 4D+ physical plane (“+” means unselfish; “-“ means selfish). The Earth’s switch from 3D to 4D+ will apparently happen all of a sudden once 89 % of mankind has reached 4D+. In the coming 100 years, only those who on a soul level have decided to go in the unselfish direction (i.e. their ethical-spiritual level of development is 4D+) will be able to incarnate on Earth. They will increasingly incarnate as zeta-Homo sapiens hybrids. The prevailing principle for all kinds of interrelations will be what the sociologist Riane Eisler in her book The Chalice and the Sword (1987) has called the partnership model.

ZetaTalks view on “soul”, is that the soul has to be developed to a certain degree before one can say that it is capable of being reincarnated (or maybe before the zetas are capable of monitoring their line of incarnations). According to ZetaTalk, only one billion of todays mankind have this kind of developed soul. Of this billion, ca. 25 % will have as destiny to incarnate as a hybrid and stay on Earth after its transformation to 4D+. The category of young souls that have not yet decided whether to develop in a selfish or unselfish direction, will have a peculiar destiny on a water planet. Of the mentioned billion, ca. 68 % belong to this category.

The category of individuals that on a soul level have decided to go in a selfish direction, will incarnate to a 4D- planet which on every level is characterized by power hierarchies and where everyone is “closest to him/her-self”. In this world the selfish ones will continually “meet themselves in the door”, and they will continually experience the consequences of their on behavior on a global level, from the moment they awaken to the moment they fall asleep. The prevailing principle for all kinds of interrelations will be what Riane Eisler in her book The Chalice and the Sword (1987) has called the dominator model. When Eisler described the partnership model and the dominator model to illustrate two diametrically opposite ways of social organizing and interrelationship, she hardly had in mind that these two models not only have analytical value here on Earth, but that they also have great value in classifying ET-cultures on the levels of 4D and 5D in two main categories. Of the mentioned billion, ca. 7 % will have as destiny to incarnate to a 4D- planet. ZetaTalk has clearly indicated that former vice president Dick Cheney and former president Bush Sr. belong to this category.

Riane Eisler Dick Cheney Bush Sr.

This means, quite literally, that Homo sapiens as a species will end in just about 100 years from now. At that time all the souls that now are attached to Homo sapiens, will have been transferred to other forms in which the souls can continue to develop in the Great School of Life. This does not mean that there was anything wrong or failed with the Homo sapiens form. The form was created to serve as a vehicle on the 3D plane, and is thus less functionable as a vehicle on the 4D plane. The humanoid form, however, is one of several universal archetypes that will continue to exist in countless variations.

The Earth has not yet its own 4D plane, but this will soon be created. The 4D plane is like the 3D plane a physical plane, but on a much higher frequency of vibration. When a planet has both a 3D plane and a 4D plane, they will occupy the same space, but due to the great difference in frequencies the 4D plane will be experienced as invisible and non-existing from the 3D plane. However, within 100 years the Earth’s 3D plane will no longer exist.

The purpose of ZetaTalk is just to help us to prepare for the coming global cataclysms and the transformative age, since those who represent the world’s govern­ments and have been told what may happen, in no way are going to tell us. We should prepare ourselves survivalwise, socially and spiritually. To prepare spiritually may involve many tasks: to integrate and complete one’s past, and an emotional “living through” of what may happen to one self and one’s closest in the coming time. Such a spiritual preparation will reduce the probability of the soul getting inflicted with traumas that it has to carry on to the next incarnation. To prepare survivalwise for the Earth crust displacement and the coming post-apocalyptic times, is a big and complex issue. ZetaTalk’s helping group Troubled Times gives a lot of good advice in their Survival Set (CD with or without a booklet). The website Pole Shift Survival Information contains 372 subject folders full of practical and technical manuals and relevant documents. In Scandinavia the ning society PAN (Post-apokalyptic Network) was set up in April 2010 to facilitate the formation of social networks in order to quickly establish functioning small post-apocalyptic communities. In September 2010 an English linguistic ning society was set up for the rest of the world, LiTrEra (Living in the Trans­forma­tive Era).

There are already very strong indications that the world’s governments are not going to enlighten their populations of their fragmentized insights and information about Nibiru and the probability of global cataclysms. In USA it was the secret council MJ-12 (1947-2000) [Wiki article: Majestic 12] that was in possession of most information on Nibiru’s arrival, received from at least two ET groups (ZetaTalk: MJ12 Agenda). MJ-12 chose to dis­solve itself in the year 2000 for the sake of not being misused by the administration of Bush and Cheney (2001-08).

Astronomers and astronauts have in secret been engaged to confirm the existence of Nibiru and its path towards the ecliptic, between the Sun and the Earth. If they would go to the media with their experiences, they would risk their lives. A tragic example of this is Claudie Haignere, France’s first female astronaut and Minister of Research and New Technology from June 2002 to March 2004 (see article in Scientific American). The official story is that she was sent to a psychiatric ward after a suicidal attempt in December 2008, and was released some months later. According to ZetaTalk (here), she was killed when she threatened to go to the media with her knowledge about Nibiru. The “new” Haignere is a double and a French agent, according to Lieder (personal email October 17, 2009). The assigned astronomers and astro­nauts have confirmed the existence of Nibiru and its path, but their observations and understanding are not sufficient to predict what exactly is going to happen. Those initiated into these issues among the representatives of the US Government are therefore closely monitoring ZetaTalk.

Claudie Haignere The double

Nancy Lieder publicizes each weekend at her ZetaTalk website two documents: 1) the week’s chat in which the Zetas themselves answer directly on the readers’ questions (old GLP archive) (new ning archive); 2) a newsletter in which Nancy shares her personal comments and reflections (archive). Her book ZetaTalk: Direct Answers from the Zeta Reticuli People (1999) is warmly recommended. This book gives the most relevant fragments for mankind of the Zetas’ cosmology, very easily explained, with special focus on the general purpose and living conditions on the 3. and 4. density. About various types and ethical orientations of ET groups, how order and rules are maintained between the various ET groups; about mankind’s past, present and future.

Our Science: is it ruled by paradigms, dogmas or New World Order directives?

Introductorily, I will here define the New World Order(NWO) Cabal as the international bankier group that was behind the foundation of the Federal Reserve in 1913. In the same year USA was transformed to an oligarchy, with Woodrow Wilson as the first NWO puppet president. Further, I will claim that the NWO Cabal’s conspiracies all through the 1900s have been the primary and superior governing factor of economy, politics, science and culture in the Western hemisphere, with significant implications and consequences for the rest of the world. The official worldview of history and the development of Western economy, politics, science and culture could be called The NWO-created worldview. Rockefeller Foundation has most probably had a central role in designing this worldview.

The NWO Cabal took control over the scientific institutions and journals, and made sure that they stayed inside the frames of the worldview that the NWO Cabal wanted to establish and keep official. Science thus stopped to be a free enterprise, and became instead governed by covert NWO directives. The sociology of science, whose task is to understand and describe how science in practice is performed – in contrast to the study of scientific method whose task is to describe how science ought to be performed – is very far from acknowledging the presence of NWO directives.

The great classic in the sociology of science is of course The structure of scientific revolutions (1962) by Thomas Kuhn (1922-1996). Kuhn gave the word paradigm a new meaning. A paradigm is an under­lying model, pattern or common agreement about:

* the foundation of knowledge that one shall accept as given and not question. This can be said to be a demarcation of the given platform.

* which subjects that are relevant, interesting and respectable. This can be said to be a thematic demarcation.

* what is the acceptable and respectable scientific procedure to generate scientific data. This can be said to be a procedural demarcation.

Kuhn described as ”normal science” all the research activities – thinking, experimenting, writing and censoring – that go on within a given paradigm. Normal science is to set pieces of a jigsaw puzzle together within frames already set up. Kuhn’s book gave us a new under­standing of how science progress. Science does not progress in a gradual manner, but moves in revolutionary jerks followed by the jigsaw puzzle solving of normal science. However, Kuhn’s understanding of how science progress did not take into consideration the involve­ment of the NWO Cabal.

Left: Thomas Kuhn.
Right: Normal science: to set jig saw puzzles together within known frames.

Given the Cabal’s deep involvement in science, the following reflections and questions are relevant. What may look like an innocent paradigm, may in fact be a dogma, and behind this dogma we may some times find an NWO-directive. What is the threshold for when a paradigm should rather be classified as a dogma? Some times science went in the right direction (e.g. parapsychological research in the 1800s), but NWO-directives managed to brake the progress, against better knowing. Other times science went toward the wrong conclusions, but NWO-directives made sure to get these conclusions dogmatized, against better knowing, since they were to the advantage of the NWO Cabal.

I will give three examples of what I consider to be NWO-directives masked as innocent paradigms or dogmas:

* the philosophic theory of materialism, which implicitly has become a scientific dogma that the primary dimension of Kosmos or Existence is matter, not consciousness [Wiki article: Materia­lism]. Materialism is closely connected to naturalism, the dogma that Kosmos or Existence has no spiritual-divine plane or dimension [Wiki article: Natura­lism].

* the isolationist theory concerning the past, i.e. the implicit scientific assumption that mankind has not received any genetic or cultural aid by ET groups in prehistoric or historic time.

* the isolationist theory concerning the present and our solar system; i.e. the official claim or stance that there is no confirmatory evidence of ETs or artefacts by ETs the last 100 years on Earth, Moon or Mars.

The materialistic-naturalistic worldview is not founded on science. This worldview is an ideology disguised as science or science-based, and has been established through covert directives. Much research activity going on in the name of “science” is thus not in any way unbiased and objective science, but scientism [Wiki article: Scientism]. Scientism is based on the premises of the materialistic-naturalistic worldview, eventually on the premises of natural science.

Science based on the foundation that the primary dimension of Kosmos or Existence is consciousness, is called spiritual science. At the end of the 1800s parapsychological research in England and in USA had come very far in confirming that the primary dimension of Kosmos is consciousness. This research was on both the continents led by quite a number of Nobel Prize winners (see list of the presidents at Society for Psychical Research). Then, in the 1920s, the Cabal worked behind the scene to establish a materia­listic worldview. The achieved results of parapsychological research were rejected as “anecdotal”. From then onwards, parapsychological research was trivialized and reduced to statistics on guessing cards in sterile laboratories. Issues of depth and significance were substituted with boring statistics and research studies of insignificance.

Three of the many great and famous parapsychological researchers in the 1800s:
Frederic William Henry Myers (1843-1901), Alfred Russel Wallace (1823-1913) [his evolutionary theory was contemporary with Darwin's] and Arthur Balfour (1848-1930) [British prime minister 1902-05].

In the same way that 1913 is a very significant year in the conspirative history of the 1900s, 1947 is also a very significant year. According to ZetaTalk, the American government had, with a very short interval, contact and communication with no less than two ET groups, both of the zeta type. The first contact with the Service-to-Self zetas occurred just before the Roswell UFO incident, and the first contact with the Service-to-Others zetas occurred in the Roswell UFO incident. It was the mainained contact with the Service-to-Self zetas that in 1947 led to the creation of the top-secret govern­mental council Majestic-12 (MJ-12), which came to be the superior council in USA to deal with ET/UFO issues [Wiki article: Majestic 12]. CIA was founded some months before MJ-12, and the first CIA director, Roscoe H. Hillenkoetter (1897-1982), was placed as the first chairman of MJ-12.

One of the early members of MJ-12, was the astronomer and astrophysicist Donald Howard Menzel (1901-76) [Wiki article: Donald Howard Menzel]. As one of the highest initiated men, with the very highest security clearance, in USA concerning ET/UFO issues, one would expect that he would keep a low public profile in these matters. But no; he instead became one of the first in USA to debunk the subject as nonsense by writing three popular books: Flying Saucers (1953), The World Of Flying Saucers: A Scientific Examination of a Major Myth of the Space Age (1963), and The UFO Enigma: The Definitive Explanation of the UFO Phenomenon (1977). A letter from 1963 has been preserved in which Hillenkoetter thanks Menzel for his debunking efforts (here). Menzel also worked as a security advisor for CIA and NSA. He was known for his harsh critique of Velikovsky’s cataclysm theories.

At Harvard University Menzel was mentor for Carl Sagan (1934-96). It was probably Menzel who chose Sagan as his successor. Sagan continued Menzel’s double role work as a secret governmental ET/UFO initiated and as an official debunker. Sagan also continued Menzel’s work in trying to debunk Velikovsky. Sagan became world famous through the television series Cosmos: A Personal Voyage (1980). He was sponsored by the CIA to ridicule spiritual science, to promote scientism, and to defend the political and scientific Establishment against accusations of conspiracies. To further this agenda he became active in establishing worldwide disinfo-networks like The Committee for Sceptical Inquiry (CSI) and European Skeptics (ECSO). These networks function today as headquarters for debunking truths that the NWO/Establishment wants to keep secret. Carl Sagan certainly loved to play the role as the authoritative and popular “Mr. Science”.

Donald Howard Menzel and Carl Sagan. Sagan may have been the dream of many mother-in-laws,
but as a CIA sponsored rat he became a catastrophy for science and truth.

The NWO Cabal would never have succeeded in establishing The NWO-created worldview if they had not achieved control over both the central scientific institutions and mainstream media. Summing up, in those cases where scientific “digging” does not intrude on the Cabal’s vital interests, science is some times governed by paradigms, and some times we may find a dogma behind an apparent paradigm. In those cases where scientific “digging” have intruded on the Cabal’s vital interests, the end result will be that we will find a dogma behind the prevailing “paradigm”, and that behind the dogma we will find an NWO-directive.

* * *

Those who do not like the conclusions of Velikovsky, Sitchin and ZetaTalk, and who need an “authoritative” rejection of them, are always welcome to embrace the ridicule by Carl Sagan and his today worldwide disinfo networks. You choose what kind of authorities and view of life that you want to invest in. No one else can decide this for you.


1. Charles Hapgood (1904-1982), a history professor, got his first book The Earth's Shifting Crust published in 1958. A revised edition, renamed The Path of the Pole, was published in 1970. Hapgood focused on many of the same geological, paleontological and climato­logical facts and discoveries that Velikovsky had based his theories on. Hapgood’s theory about earlier Earth crust displacements, however, was that they were not of a cataclysmic character. According to Hapgood, three displacements have occurred during the last 100.000 years, the last one occurred at the end of the last ice age. The displacements were according to him triggered by a material imbalance in the lithosphere that exerted a centrifugal effect. In Hapgood’s opinion, each displacement took about 5000 years to complete.

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