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New economy-class line of doomsday bunkers

A company that sells luxury doomsday shelters is branching out with a new “economy class” bunker that costs $9,950. Vivos is building the cheaper facility to accommodate the growing number of people worried about “life-extinction events” such as super volcanoes and asteroids but can’t afford to shell out $35,000 for the fancier model. The company, based in Del Mar, Calif., started out a couple years ago focusing on pricier products. Rooms in the five high-end bunkers it is building start at $25,000 and features include medical and dental centers, bakeries, pool tables, pet kennels and fully stocked wine cellars. All told, Vivos has more than 10,000 “members” in its apocalypse community — some of whom have merely “applied” for spots in the bunkers and others who have plunked down refundable $5,000 deposits. After the March 11 earthquake in Japan, the company said reservations skyrocketed nearly 1,000%. And while Vivos says interest in the luxury bunkers remains strong, two-thirds of its members expressed in a recent survey that they wanted a cheaper alternative. “This may be your only chance to secure a spot in Vivos and to have a far better survival solution than trying to survive on the surface,” Vivos CEO Robert Vicino said in a statement. “Waiting until the masses realize the end is near will be too late! Ask yourself, which side of the door do you want to be on?” -CNN

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