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» »Unlabelled » NEW crop circle at Allington, nr Devizes, Wiltshire.UK

This formation has arrived as “a blink of an eye” in regard of the one that was cut yesterday late morning or early afternoon in Allington too. I am surprised that with all the people that have been flying yesterday in the area it has not been spotted because it is just behind Allington along the canal. Unless the formation has appeared in the afternoon ? (By the way we are still waiting for aerial pictures of the one that was cut, thank you to those who have got one, they will recognise themselves here ;))

Now my message is the following. If you want aerial pictures of crop circles, you need to inform about them when you spot one, otherwise in locations such as Allington and now Alton Barnes where we know very well that the farmers cut them immediately, we lose them. (We all remember the stories in Allington in 2009 and 2010).

Now if you choose to go the morning in a new formation with your group or friends, where as you know these are “hotspots” and you don’t advertise anybody else (Wiltshire Crop Circle Study Group or Crop Circle Connector or Silent circle café for example), then understand that the circle is lost for everybody.

I love crop circles as lots of people all over the world, so let’s do the best we can working a bit more together and maybe we’ll save more of them before they disappear forever. Thank you

Olivier Morel

Images Olivier Morel / WCCSG Copyright 2011

Image Steve Alexander Copyright 2010

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