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What is the source of a strange signal: a civilization from another galaxy or some earthly object? So far, experts SETI is no single explanation. However, this does not prevent them to suggest that, with a low probability, it still may be just an alien signal, a message from an alien and, indeed, intelligent life.

The bright blue color on the background indicates that the signal was received here on Earth. To be more precise, it was recorded by a radio telescope involved in SETI - the project to search for extraterrestrial life. In addition, the image allegedly enables the concept of the reception time and frequency, but, in fact, we know only that these figures relate to the continuous axis passing almost in the center.

Despite the fact that the exact identification of this signal is never received, according to most astronomers, it is happening to the Earth - most likely a consequence of atypical modulation between the satellite GPS system, and some terrestrial source.

It is noteworthy that these unusual sounds - are not uncommon. At the same time, in most cases they are or are not strong enough, or there is not enough long period of time, so that they simply do not notice or do not have time to fix and learn.


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