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» »Unlabelled » The first images from the camera in a mysterious Egyptian pyramid

Perhaps the graffiti that we see at the proposed lower photo are marks left by the workers, perhaps, are characters that have religious significance. With the help of a robot able to explore the historians recently found a hollow chamber, which for 4,500 years was hidden behind a stone blocks the Pyramid of Cheops.

The first images from the camera in a mysterious Egyptian pyramid

Scientists argue that scientific work can clarify some controversial points.

The first images from the camera in a mysterious Egyptian pyramid

It was previously widely known three chambers of the Great Pyramid: Queen's Chamber, a large gallery and the chamber of the pharaoh, which stretches from the duct. It is noteworthy that in the structure of the pyramid was also able to distinguish between two thin tunnel, approximately 20 inches in height and the same in width. These tunnels are moving to the north and south walls, and terminated inside the pyramid.

The first images from the camera in a mysterious Egyptian pyramid

The purpose of these tunnels is not known, but it is believed that they end up secret cameras. It is this hypothesis and led Egyptologists to make tunnels to study with some more closely.

Since the tunnels were very close, the researchers decided to resort to the use of robots. This was first done in 1993 - then remotely manage the device covered a distance of 63 meters and ran into an obstacle that looked like a stone door with metal pins. It is interesting that before anywhere else in the pyramid do not have to watch the metal structural elements.
In 2002, a robot equipped with a small drill, done in the "door" and filmed a small hole that was behind it. It turned out it was a small chamber, rested in a large lump. Unfortunately, due to imperfections in the design of robotic devices able to see only a small part of what was in this chamber.

The lack of research material obtained during an expedition in 2002, managed to make only recently thanks to a robot Djedi, which got its name in honor of the Jedi sorcerer mentioned in the papyrus Vestkar. According to reports, the pharaoh Khufu Jedi turned to for advice when planning his tomb. The developer of a new robot was Rob Richardson (Rob Richardson) from the University of Leeds. Equipped with a miniature camera on a mobile basis, Djedi better able to "see" the mysterious room.

As a result, scientists have obtained images of characters and lines inscribed in red paint on the stone walls. All these characters have yet to decipher. At the same time, Egyptologists have argued that many times faced similar inscription in the ancient buildings of Giza.
According to Egyptologists Keith Spence (Kate Spence), narrow tunnels could not serve any practical purpose, and therefore their value is likely to be symbolic. At the same time, the treated surface of the walls and the back of the "door" suggests that these elements were important for those who built the pyramid.


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