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National Report> Monday the National Report covered a report from the Russian Federal Space Agency (ROSCOMOS) that claims Comet C/2012 S1 (ISON) has made a number of “unexpected orbital adjustments” in the past 30 days that defy scientific explanation. This information was made public through the Kremlin but as of press time today the story remains unreported by media sources outside Russia.
To clarify what the Russian report means I contacted a source the National Report has used many times in the past to clarify NASA press releases. Retired NASA astronomer David Gould, 68, of Santa Barbara, CA., confirmed yesterday that American scientist tracking Comet ISON estimated last September that on its original course the comet would safely pass Earth on 26 December 2013 at approximately 0.426 A.U., or 63 million + kilometers.
The Russians reported yesterday that ISON changed course twice, the first time was shortly after 1 am Russian time and again at 2:49 am. This would’ve been 11 am PST here, and 12:49 pm PST respectively.
I requested Gould recalculate the September figures to take into account the latest course changes and provide us with an estimate of the distance the comet would pass from Earth using the new Russian data and provide us with his ballpark estimate on ISON’s new path.
NASA astronomer David Gould, (Ret.) New Path Projection for ISON as of 10/15/2013
NASA astronomer David Gould, (Ret.) New Path Projection for ISON as of 10/15/2013
Gould pointed out the Russians gave no specific data on the comet’s course, but based on their statement yesterday that ISON had changed course… “seemingly to better align itself with the Red planets” strange moon Phobos,” Gould would make his estimations based on using the alignment of Phobos as his starting point. The Gould estimate (seen in yellow) was superimposed over an existing map showing the estimates from five to six weeks ago.

Its unfortunate that so much has been made over Comet C/2012 S1 (ISON) in the conspiracy theory world. The National Report in our effort to bring purity to the news has sifted through an endless list of bad YouTube videos and volumes of garbage theories from every hack and mental health client on the planet in our effort to bring you the truth.


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