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» »Unlabelled » Comet ISON: What do the Government & Professional astronomers know that they aren't sharing with us? THORnews presents, In episode 31 of Comet ISON WTF? NASA / Earth - We examine Bruce Gary's article 'Comment on "Why couldn't NASA recover Comet ISON"'? You remember Bruce Gary, he is the the Amateur Astronomer Hercules hero who recovered ISON on August 12th and has been putting out tons of data since. You might me surprised to find that he doesn't sound too happy with the state, process and protocol of Professional Astronomers. He also believes NASA has shit tons of photos in many different lightbands.

You can read his full article here:

There is no single person, or group of people to be blamed here, it is the system that has evolved over time along with our cultural biases, shortcomings and egofalls.

Animation of motion during 20-minutes on Aug 16 (11:29 to 11:49 UT).

It is time for the good guy scientists to return to the scene, yo.

Yes. That is you.

It really does feel like I picked a bad time to be unhappy with modern governments output. We cannot fix the mistakes and problems until we understand what those problems and mistakes are, so the search for the truth should not this dangerous.

Why does Astronomy always have to be such an adventure? Why are governments, corporations and professional scientists so stand offish, paranoid and un-trusting of the public?

Comet ISON is just a metaphor for the current state of all things.

Corporations, Banks and governments don't seem to want to be on the public's team for some reason.

Come on y'all we gotta turn this tide back around to cool and awesome.

God bless everyone,

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