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For thousands of years, there have been places around the world considered dangerous to humans. Might these locations hold the key to an otherworldly connection? At Australia's Black Mountains, local myths speak of ancient serpent gods and hikers disappearing. Every year hundreds are drawn to a dark forest at the base of Mount Fuji in Japan--to commit suicide. What causes these places to be evil? Could there be evidence that past extraterrestrial activity lead to the negative energy in Earth's evil places?

There are place on Earth Humans must not go. There are places considered Evil and Dangerous. Many natives have stories of Places were Men must not go like Mountains that are Cursed. Places were people go and never return. There are places in Japan close to Mount Fuji called Suicide Forest where People who are in their last rope of hope end their lives because they don't like living in this world, a World they see as Evil.

Also there was a Russian Mountain Climbing Crew that Climbed a Cursed Mountain in Russia were there was a Warning that he who climbs this Specific Mountain will face Death.
The Russian Mountain Climbing Crew went anyways and was attacked by Alien Grey Hostiles , the Whole Russain Mountain Climbing Crew was Melted with Advanced Laser Technologies, they did have a chance in hell of suriving the Alien Assault. Russain Government Covered up the Whole Incident.

Also in Australia there is a Mound that is inhabited by a Large Serpent that eats people that dare enter it's lair.

Watch and see for yourself the Awsome Reality that you live in, a Reality of Hotile Aliens, a Reality of Stargate Portals to other Relms and places where Humanity must not go if they want to remain alive.

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