No source inside St. John Central High School is causing the foul air that has plagued the Guernsey Street building on more than one occasion this month, most recently Friday.

Principal Sheila Blackmore said Bellaire Code Enforcer James Chase has assured her the cause of the noxious odors in the school are not the result of anything inside the structure. His assurance has been backed up by other professionals who have inspected the building, at the request of Paul D. Ward, director of the Diocese of Steubenville Office of Christian Formation and Schools.

The school was closed Nov. 3 when some students and the principal became nauseous and suffered headaches and eye irritation while at school. The school was closed the following day for the quality of air inside the building to be tested.

On Friday, students were quickly evacuated to nearby St. John Church after an odor was detected again in the school, Blackmore said. The smell was most pronounced when the door at the south end of the building was opened. As she looked outside, she said, she saw a smoky haze. No students or staff had to be treated because of the odor, Blackmore said.