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» »Unlabelled » Vladimir Putin accepts presidential nomination and warns the West not to interfere in his country's elections

Vladimir Putin accepted his ruling party's nomination on Sunday to return to Russia's presidency, while accusing foreigners of funding his political opponents in a reminder of the anti-Western rhetoric that characterised his years in power.

Putin, president from 2000-2008 and now prime minister, is expected to easily recapture the presidency in an election in March.

But opinion polls indicate a parliamentary election to be held next week could loosen his United Russia party's domination of Russian politics.

Some speculators believe United Russia will lose its current two-thirds majority that has allowed it to change the constitution at will.

The timing of the announcement of his nomination for the presidency - which he said would seek in September - appeared aimed at giving United Russia a boost in the December 4 parliamentary vote amid flagging support. Read More

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