Rare Storm
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TWS' Southern California Weather Authority has issued a Special Weather Statement for an inside slider storm system that could potentially be interesting for the Southwestern United States on Thursday and Friday.

The SCWXA Special Weather Statement (viewed here) went into effect this morning at 7:45 a.m. Pacific Standard Time. The statement outlines a concern for strong winds and possibly a storm system combined in a rare flow into Southern California.

TWS Senior Meteorologist Kevin Martin calls the event a once in a decade event and is watching it closely. "The storm system is going to come in from the north, through the interior of the country," said Martin. "This means that it will generate cold air with it across the Great Basin and shove that southward in the form of Santa Ana Winds. Furthermore, this storm system will bring moisture into it from the Pacific so we are looking at a rare combo of Santa Ana Winds and Thunderstorms across the Southland."

TWS' Southern California Weather Authority will continue to monitor the latest on this storm system, which has been officially named "Faith" with a category to be determined on the SCWXA scale.