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Strong winds and sea surge batter Ireland

  • A storm north of the United Kingdom brought gale-force winds, chilly rain and rough seas to the Irish Sea, eventually capsizing a ship, the “Swanland” after the seas cracked its hull. High winds and showers will return on Monday when a deep trough sinks into the area. Conditions will worsen on Tuesday when a front brings more steady rain and stronger winds, along with rapidly dropping temperatures.

Foaming waves batter the Cumbrian coast near Workington where severe gales have been causing havoc across northern England (Credit: North News & Pictures Ltd)

Scotland has been battered by high winds that saw roads closed and ferry services cancelled. The country also saw its first snowfall. Floods and gales disrupted travel in several areas of Scotland, closing some Highland roads for a time and leading to speed restrictions on bridges. Winds on the islands reached 88mph, while Glen Ogle weather station in Stirlingshire recorded gusts of 96mph.

A car is swamped by a towering wave as it crashes along the Cumbrian coast after gales brought high tides and sea surges (Credit: North News & Pictures Ltd)

Northern Constabulary said there had been a landslip near to the A82 at Letterfinlay and temporary traffic lights were in use. The surge is expected to hit north Norfolk at high tide and move down the coast this night. The Environment Agency (EA) issued the warnings because a surge of water is due to hit north Norfolk at 19:50 GMT, before moving along the Suffolk coast.

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