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» »Unlabelled » Six-kilo baby born in Germany, named Jihad

Six-kilo baby born in Germany, named Jihad

A woman in Germany has given birth to the country's heaviest baby and has gone ahead and named him Jihad, local media has reported.

According to the doctors at Berlin’s Charité hospital, the baby - weighing a whopping six kilos - was born to 40-year-old Elfi Yaghi who weighed about 240 kilos and suffered from gestational diabetes.

He was named Jihad – the controversial Islamic term used to describe the religious war all followers are to wage against 'non-believers'.

While Yaghi did not say why she gave her baby that name, the Daily Mail reports she is a devout Muslim.

According to data, Germany has the largest Muslim population in Western Europe after France with some 3.5 million Muslims living in the country.

Baby Jihad has joined 13 siblings - nine brothers and four sisters - and is reportedly the largest baby born naturally in Germany. Source

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