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» » Down but not out: OWS reclaims Zuccotti

Down but not out: OWS reclaims Zuccotti

Occupy Wall Street (OWS) protestors were back in New York City’s Zuccotti Park Tuesday evening after police evicted them in a pre-dawn raid the very same day. RT was on the scene to film events as they unfolded.

­Tuesday evening’s chants of “all day, all week, occupy Wall Street” cut a sharp contrast with the chaos which had unfolded earlier that day. Acting on orders from New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, hundreds of police raided and dismantled the park encampment located in the heart of New York’s financial center, arresting 147 people in the process.

After New York Supreme Court Justice Michael Stallman found the city was justified in enforcing a ban on sleeping in the square-block park, some 16 hours after the eviction was carried out, police lifted the barricades and slowly began to allow the protestors back in.

Unlike the preceding chaos which ushered in the day, Tuesday evening’s return was underscored by a sense of hope, as the sound of drums punctuated the intermittent chants.

As a clearly distraught young man in plastic cuffs seemingly fought back tears as he waited to be put into a police wagon, his arrest appeared to be the exception rather than the rule. more

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