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I am wondering why I can't see the second sun that others see in others regions? Is it because of being so far north here in NB Canada that Planet X is directly in line with the Sun blocking its view? Also there is constant spraying of the sky trails in the evening before sunset. The other strange phenomenon I notice is the Moon flips a full 180 degrees. I visited a place in the New Brunswick - "Hope Well Rocks Centre" - way back when it opened like 11 years a go. On the wall it shows the phases of Moons and the "face of the Moon" is alway right side and this display is still there when I revisited this summer, proving to me there is something affecting the moon. The other phenomenon is the sun sets and rises here in different areas every 1-2 weeks, some days it rises normally and sets normally but then the next day way off about 20+ degrees. Just some thing I have noticed but no one wants to speak about it. I was also wonder why type of filter or color of filter could be used to get a glimpse of Planet X if its even possible to view from New Brunswick Canada.

Those who have noticed the undeniable signs that a planetary body is in our inner solar system, between the Earth and Sun and creating an Earth wobble and a highly eccentric Moon orbit, are understandable anxious to have a personal sighting of this body for themselves. We are often asked for specifics on the exact spot to focus on, as then a camera with filters can have a target zone. Planet X is slightly to the right of the Earth if one were out in space, gazing in, as it is coming at the Earth in a retrograde orbit, pushing the Earth back in her orbit. This has been described as the 4 o'clock position, if one assumes the viewer to be standing with their head pointed north. But it's not that simple.

The first issue is the angle of the Ecliptic. This is a new concept for most, as other than the general location of the rising or setting Sun, or the Moon's path across the sky, and the thought that the Earth rotates west to east, it is not a concern. If one considers that humans on the surface are either standing upright at the N Pole, and upside down at the S Pole, and laying on their side along the Equator, then obviously the view changes depending upon locale. The 4 o'clock position moves. You must check planetarium software to determine where your Ecliptic is located for your time and place, and then determine the 4 o'clock position. Remember than for the Southern Hemisphere things will also be upside down.

The second issue is the Earth wobble, and the dance that Planet X and the Earth are in at present. The Earth wobble includes a lean as it forms a Figure 8 with its N Pole. This lean also skews your view of the Ecliptic, changing the angle. Then there is the bobbing about that the Earth is doing as it flips about trying to align with both the Sun and Planet X, magnetically. Earth leans her N Pole away from the hosing coming from Planet X, then suddenly flips into opposition leaning its N Pole toward Planet X instead. both Planets are on the move during this dance, increasing the distance between them or coming close, bobbling up or down above or below the Ecliptic also, so just what the angle vs a vs the Sun you are seeing might be is a guess, on any given day.

The recent photos of Planet X from Rio show yet another variable that must be considered. Since Planet X is slightly below the Ecliptic, light from Planet X makes a more direct trip to the Southern Hemisphere than to the Northern Hemisphere. Light bends along the curve of the Earth, pulled down by gravity, so those in the Northern Hemisphere are actually seeing Planet X at a distorted location! The degree of distortion increases the further north one lies. This is likewise true of the Southern Hemisphere, but to a lesser degree. This distortion of light rays is what causes the Sun to appear huge at sunrise or sunset, when red light rays, most prone to bending, are predominant. Thus most Second Sun sightings occur at sunrise or sunset, as these bending rays first go out, then bend back to the viewers eye, making the Second Sun appear large.

Source: ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for October 1, 2011

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