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Historic October Snowstorm Hammering Northeast
A significant, rare October snowstorm will plow through the Northeast Saturday through early Sunday morning. Scroll down or use the links below to view the forecast and current conditions to guide you through the storm.

Video: Why Such a Large Power Outage Threat?

How Much Snow?

The forecast map below shows the heaviest accumulations in the pink
shadings, mainly just to the west and northwest of the I-95 corridor.
This is where at least 6 inches is expected. Dark purple shading
indicates the potential for a foot or more of snow. The heavy, wet nature of the snow will likely cause tree damage and power outages.

Some accumulations are also possible closer to the coast along the
heavily-populated I-95 corridor from near Washington, D.C. to Boston.
Precipitation will start as rain in these locations, but may change over
to snow. How quickly this occurs and how much snow falls is dependent
on the availability of enough cold air, which is difficult to forecast
early in the season.

© The Weather Channel
Northeast snow forecast
Power Outage Potential

As mentioned before, this will be a heavy, wet snow. Combine this with
wind from the intensifying low-pressure system off the coast and power
outages are likely in the darker blue-shaded area on the map below.
Outages are also possible in locations closer to the coast from the wind
alone. The map below shows the power outage potential across the

© The Weather Channel
Power outage potential
Current Radar

Track the snow and rain as it spreads northward through the region using
the regional view radar maps below and the links to local radar sites
across the region. Snow is depicted by the white shadings and different
intensities of rain are depicted by the green, yellow and orange

© The Weather Channel

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