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» »Unlabelled » The Destroyer Is Coming…BEHIND Comet ELENIN ?

Is there a Destroyer coming after Comet Elenin? Possibly Nibiru….

Update 09/30/11
Update 9/15/11
Update 8/27/11
Update 8/22/11 Proof Nibiru is behind Elenin and MOVING closer to us.
Update 8/15/11
Update: Nibiru coordinates confirmed
Update #2: V3.0 is now available with re-edited soundtrack for all who pointed out the previous vids were too distracting by loud music. Thanks all for your criticism. I aim to please when possible.-Tom @

ELENIN is the cartoon before the main feature movie! The mini solar system, dwarf borwn twin star of our Sola, aka Nibiru/Planet X, the Destroyer/ Wormwood/ etc,... is FOLLOWING on the heels of little Elenin which is now being observed on Stereo B spacraft's camera

Here are important links to the PDF file from which I gathered the slides for this informative video:
2) Increased volcanism in USA (West coast from Baja to Oregon) ; ;
3)Redevil Planet Revisited youtube interview: ; [Uploaded by BoKnowsEntertainment on Jul 6, 2011
The Red Devil Planet Guy, Arizona returns to on July 4, 2011. Part 8: Look Around, There's Something Wrong.
Continued from
If you missed it, you can catch the recap of his appearance from June 6, 2011 here:
Catch the entire show starting at}
4)Comet ELENIN, Earthquakes, and You ;
5)SOHO captures eruption on Venus;
6)ELENIN is real threat says Dr.

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