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» »Unlabelled » Category 4 Hurricane Ophelia to Reach United Kingdom

By , Expert Senior Meteorologist
Nigg Beacon, Aberdeen Harbor, Scotland during a storm. Photo by

Once Category 4 Hurricane Ophelia will sweep across the United Kingdom Wednesday, during an unsettled and at times stormy week.

Tropical Rainstorm Ophelia will roll across the U.K. Wednesday. However, Ophelia will probably be lost in what is already shaping up to be a stormy week for the nation, following the record warmth late last week.

Ophelia's winds peaked at 140 mph about 150 miles east of Bermuda this past Saturday. The storm collapsed over colder waters during Sunday and passed over Newfoundland early Monday morning as a tropical storm.

October can be a stormy time across the North Atlantic.

According to World Weather Expert Jim Andrews, "There is already a strong, non-storm creating rough seas north of Ireland and west of Scotland during Monday."

Gales and seas of 25 to 30 feet were affecting coastal areas and waters of northwestern Scotland Monday.

"That pre-Ophelia storm with its gusty winds, rough seas and areas of rain will sweep eastward reaching Norway later Monday night and Tuesday," Andrews said.

Ophelia will be embedded with an approaching front from the west on Wednesday, and 25-foot seas are possible north of Ireland and west of Scotland.

While showers, general breezy conditions and locally gusty winds are in store for the U.K., it may be indistinguishable from the unsettled weather much of this week.

The most significant effect from Ophelia will be a bubble of tropical air Wednesday that may bring the warmest day of this week to the region. The warmth will likely fall well short of surging temperatures from last week.

Following Ophelia on Wednesday, a blast of chilly air, widespread gusty winds, rough seas and showers will sweep in later in the week, according to Andrews.

"Winds and other effects from the early-week and late-week storms may have much more noticeable impact on the U.K. than Ophelia," Andrews said.

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