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» »Unlabelled » Thousands Riot over Land Seizures in Southern China

Thousands of people riot over land grabs in southern China, after protesters attack local government buildings and overturn police vehicles. Earlier this year, in Zengcheng City in Guangdong Province, thousands of migrant workers rioted over the alleged ill treatment of a female worker. Rioters burned local authorities' offices, smashed police cars, and marched through the streets.

Thousands of people have attacked local authorities' buildings Friday in China's Guangdong Province. They're protesting over forced land grabs by authorities.

The South China Morning Post reported witnesses in Lufeng City said the protests were sparked off by the seizure of land and their sale to property developer Country Garden for nearly $157 million.

According to the Post, the angry crowd used "sticks, bricks, and their fists" ... focusing their anger on local authorities. They attacked buildings, including the local Communist Party's headquarters.

The protest started on Wednesday after villagers demanded the return of their land... several thousand villagers have joined the demonstrations outside the local authorities' headquarters since then.

More than a dozen people—including police—were injured in the protests. Six police cars were overturned... and roads were blocked.

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