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» »Unlabelled » Obama In Denver Sept.27:Deep Underground Military For Elenin

Is there another reason for Barack Obama's September 27th visit to Denver, Colorado as outlined in the CBS Denver story. It is well known within conspiracy theory circles that Denver Airport is the home to a large DUMB, Deep Underground Military Base. It is also well know that Comet Elenin,will come directly in between the Earth and the Sun between the 26th and 28th of September. Will the purpose behind Denver Airports DUMB as outlined in the video at the bottom by Jesse Ventura soon be made known?

Obama To Visit Denver Area On Sept. 27

DENVER (CBS4) – President Barack Obama will visit the Denver area as part of a series of stops in Western states to talk about the economy.

Obama will also be visiting several cities on the West Coast as part of his tour, according the White House.

So far it’s not clear where exactly the president will visit and what time of day he’ll be here.

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