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Is There A Nibiru Coverup? Second Sun Now Visible Worldwide

Observatory, Mauna Kea, Hawaii.

Above: Hawaii's Mauna Kea Observatory: A small second sun is being recorded rising just before our own sun by astronomy observatory weather cams worldwide. Everyday people are seeing this second sun, most often by accident, and they are recording it too. What are we to make of this global phenomenon? Why is the US media silent on this topic? What is this apparent small second sun with orbiting satellites? Is this Nibiru? There are more questions than answers and that needs to change.

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This page will remain the front page for this blog through year’s end and will be updated frequently. It may take some time to load but watch every video. I want people to know that a global phenomenon is taking place. These videos are NOT hoaxes. This object IS NOT Venus, or the moon, or Jupiter. Go back and review your elementary school astronomy lessons. Please share this page with everyone you know and love. Thank you.

A “Second Sun” Continues To Be Recorded on Astronomy Observatory Webcams, along with NASA‘s own satellite photos. NASA continue to deny that Nibiru is any threat in public statements, yet they are warning their own staff to make preparations. Why?

Time Lapse Movie From Australia’s Davis Station Webcam Shows Nibiru Rising Ahead of our sun- repeatedly – in 24 hr loops

Numerous Youtube reporters have maintained that in spite of many “minimizing public statements made by NASA regarding Nibiru” over recent years, that the second sun can now clearly be seen in their own satellite photography, which is posted on the NASA website. the YT reporter who posted these videos below abruptly stopped posting any videos after about a year ago and I wonder why. Watch these videos from 2010: [ Once again, I have to apologize for the YT reporter's foolish choice of music in some of these. Just turn the sound off. ]

Adding more mystery to intrigue YT reporter TwoCandlesticks reports that the mysterious engraved “flight path of Nibiru” on the Swiss Bank note represents the date September 27th 2011. [ By the way, it's too bad this man can't spell. It would make his reporting more credible if he could. ] I am not confirming or denying his statements made in the videos below, which are guaranteed to get any good conspiracy theorist’s blood pumping. I am simply reporting on these videos, as they add more information to the mix. Several of his video reports are below. You might want to listen to the last one with the sound off. For some reason grown men have the comical idea that their video presentations on serious topics of a life threatening nature are more convincing if set to hot “club music.” Go figure. I think it’s a Viagra thing, personally. So, ignoring the hilariously inappropriate music, here are his videos.

I am willing to stick my neck out and continue to make a very loud noise about this “second sun” because I think that big media outlets need to begin reporting on this phenomenon IN EARNEST. This – a visible second sun, which is now being video recorded all around the world – is the elephant in the living room, while the passing of Comet Elenin may have been the gnat crawling beneath it’s feet. I’d like to see some serious big media coverage and interviews of professional astronomers explaining to the American and world public just exactly WHAT this second sun is, whether it is the prophesied brown dwarf, and whether it will come closer, and what we can expect. If mainstream media outlets continue to ignore this story, then the reporting will get filled in by the curious internet public, and the facts may get lost along the way.

I’m not an astronomer. But I know what I see with my own eyes. There is NO planet in our solar system that is large enough to be seen as a bright second sun in close proximity to our own sun at high noon in broad daylight. I want some answers. I’ll keep posting until I get them. And I don’t care who gets embarrassed or forced to disclose and show their hand along the way.

I am open to anyone who can provide a reasonable intelligent scientific explanation for what is being recorded on these observatory webcams. Why is no one in the mainstream media discussing this? It feels urgently important. Here’s the footage. The “second sunrise” preceding our sunrise comes toward the end.

This first video below is the third or fourth video of footage from the Mauna Kea Observatory on Hawaii that I have posted this year. To date, no scientist, professional or amateur astronomer that I have found can explain away the quite obvious smaller “second sun” which rises just ahead of our own sun, with it’s own accompanying satellites [ seven satellites total ] traveling with it. This smaller “second sun” appears to be traveling with it’s own solar system in tow, just as predictions of Nibiru have foretold.

The videos below are just a very small sampling of what is now pouring onto YouTube from literally all over the world. No one can deny that there is a second sun visible in the sky at sunrise, sunset, and in the case of the North Wales video, at high noon. Examine the size and proportions of the smaller second sun. It is the same in every video. I am leaving this page up as the front page, and will continue to add new videos daily. We seriously, and I mean SERIOUSLY need these big time news anchors at FOX, CBS, NBC, ABC and CNN to cut off their NWO puppet strings and start reporting some news on this. It’s going to be a worldwide state of emergency within 90 days to begin explaining this to people and to help people understand what they will need to do, should the present earth changes begin escalating more rapidly and the poles begin to wobble. No drama, just the facts.

Examine these incredible videos, and help to spread this information. Send this post to your local news desk. Break a sweat. We may be running out of time for people who do not know what is happening to learn and to prepare. I’m estimating on deep gut instinct about 18-24 months as a window for preparedness. And I really hope I am wrong.

The Remarkable North Wales Daylight Nibiru Video Footage – newest from 19 hours ago

Australia, Antarctic Region Mawson Station Webcam Time Lapse

Two Suns Seen At Sunrise in Scotland

Two Suns Setting in Hungary

Two Suns Seen in Vancouver

Second Sun Video-ed in Kirkland Washington

Two Suns Seen in Missouri

Two Suns Seen At Sunrise Antarctica Neumayer Station

Two Suns Seen At Sundown in NYC

Two Suns Photographed in Greece

Earlier BBC TV coverage of an astronomy discovery in 2005

8.15.2011 Russian TV Coverage of the Discovery of Nibiru

Hubble Telescope Worker Blows The Whistle on FED Nibiru Coverup

YT user SelflessEmpire’s Nibiru Video

See also “A Letter To Readers About the Second Sun Sightings”

If you want to more know what others are sensing and feeling about this topic I would also suggest you examine this page and watch the videos posted on it:

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