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» »Unlabelled » Denmark: A Worldwide Disgrace - Dolfin bloody masacre

Denmark: A Worldwide Disgrace - The Petition Site

  • Target: Dolphin & Whale Massacre in Feroe Islands (Denmark)
  • Sponsored by: Julia Pagan

Denmark: is a shame to the world, and we have to let everybody know about this. Hoping that it reaches someone who can do something about it. There is no doubt that there isn't a worse beast in this planet that human beings!!!

As unbelievable as this could be, every year a brutal Danish bloody masacre takes place at the Feroe Island, that belongs to Denmark. A supossely 'civilized' country and a member of the European Union. For many is unknown this crime against life, to the sensitivity to all.

Young boys participate in a bloody 'coming of age' ritual as they enter adulthood (!) it is absolutely incredible that no one does anything to stop this masacre against Calderones, a smart dolfin that has the particularity to get close to people out of curiosity...

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