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» »Unlabelled » Dead Blue Shark Washes Up On Mass. Beach

New England Aquarium
The overnight high tide brought in a dead blue shark on Nahant Beach in Lynn Saturday morning.The 9-foot shark carcass was discovered by some walkers along the beach.Tony LaCasse from the New England Aquarium said the shark most likely died many miles from the coast and was brought ashore by current and tides.To remove the 300-pound carcass from the shore, staff from the Massachusetts Department of Conservation & Recreation had to bring in a bucket loader.LaCasse said the shark was in very good condition with the exception of a small laceration in its lower jaw, indicating that it may have been hooked.A state shark biologist said that many sharks can succumb to shock after a long struggle from being hooked.The blue shark is the most common large shark in New England waters. They feed on small schooling fish and squid.It is not considered an endangered or threatened species.Blue sharks are considered pelagic or open ocean sharks and generally prefer water several hundred feet deep. Occasionally, blue sharks will follow prey into coastal waters.The sharks are regular summertime visitors to New England waters, traveling up the East Coast, usually arriving in July and departing in October.

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