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» »Unlabelled » POPE Chaos in Madrid: "Ratzinger, we find ourselves in Hell"

"Ratzinger, we find ourselves in Hell" is another of the posters can be seen in the middle where the protest is heard drumming and shouting against the visit of Benedict XVI.

"It is an expense too much for this visit. Especially with the crisis, "explained one woman, who came with her son to the protest.

"They give discounts to pilgrims to eat and travel. And the unemployed young Spaniards? "Criticizes another young man who confesses to having been in the Puerta del Sol, in protest of the" outraged "at least" some day ".

Images of the protest are being distributed through social networks, with the twitter messages to multiply with the hashtag # madridsinpapa.

Organizers estimate that up to 5,000 people can participate in the protest which will include a passage through the Puerta del Sol At the start of the protest some admit that this number can be overcome.

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