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Friday, August 5, 2011

I’m not into 2012 conspiracies, but the recent actions and evidence of government officials among the elite are causing me to wonder, what is the reason for all of this extreme preparedness? First underground bunkers, and now relocation off of coastlines? I have tried to gather as much new evidence as to what they could be preparing for. Any conclusions are welcome.

Below you will see the list of several organizations that have made curious changes and major moves away from the coast, all with links. Is this circumstantial evidence for a major event in the near future? We may have a hard time ignoring this as the evidence keeps pouring in. Stay tuned as I will be updating more relocations in the future.

Check out this Recorded phone call to a national builder of underground community shelters: They are backed up for over a year because of the massive demand of the wealthy and elite having these built right now. What are the elite and government afraid of? Incoming comets? economic collapse?

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