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» »Unlabelled » VENEZUELA: More than 500 families affected by floods in Portuguese

Over 500 families were affected in the municipality Guanarito, in Portuguese, because of flooding of the river Guanare caused by heavy rains in the state yesterday.

Mayor Abel Villalba said that the river affected hundreds of homes and neighborhoods as José Antonio Páez I, II and III, Falconero, Holy Land, Carraito, Las Tablitas and El Rio, among others. Flooding also occurred in the villages Carrao, Tamarindo, Painting, Old River and Garcitas.

Several acres of corn were under water.

Villalba added that in some areas the water level reached one meter in height gradually and families could get their belongings.

10 shelters were fitted for those affected while lowering water levels. Villalba said that feeding the refugees is guaranteed.

In command of the National Guard Guanarito is a clearinghouse of supplies, food and clothing where people can come who want to provide help.

Protest in Táchira. Step Andean inhabitants of the area closed for three hours the road to border with Colombia, between San Antonio and Capacho-in protest by the poor condition of the road which collapsed yesterday on the road subsidence.

In this section there are three depressions, one of them over 50 inches, which greatly affect vehicular passage between San Cristobal and the border area with Colombia.

The protesters demanded that the municipal, regional and national resolve this long-standing problem that is exacerbated by the constant rains that have occurred since November 2010.

José Anteliz, one of the protesters, said Civil Protection officials were the ones who showed the site to ascertain the situation.

The Ministry of Transport and Communications was planning to close this road for at least seven hours to start the repair work. The protesters halted the protest after officials gave them an advance on the actions executed.

Lucy Gonzalez, a representative of the community councils in the area, said there appeared to be a fault in the sector, which is the reason, along with heavy rains, the alteration of some houses.

On the road to San Antonio Capacho circulating small cars and transport of vegetables.

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