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» »Unlabelled » Land at Mount Pancar cracks caused Potential DisasterEvent Land at Mount Pancar cracks caused Potential Disaster Author: Dede Susianti Thursday, June

Land at Mount Pancar cracks caused Potential Disaster
BETWEEN / Fouri Gesang Sholeh / ip
JAKARTA - MICOM: Land in the area of the slopes of Mount Pancar, Babakanmadang, Bogor, re-discovered changes or shifts, such as cracks.

If the previous cracks with a length of about 3 kilometers wide and 1.5 meters right on the slopes of Mount Pancar, cracks occurred at uni times the natural attractions of Hot Water Baths

Mount Pancar on Mount Astana, in Kampung Cimandala, Middle Reef.

At that location, soil structure change occurs at two points. At Mount Astana retekan occur along the 200 meters with a depth of about 3 meters wide and about 1.5 to 2 meters. While in the hot springs of Mount Pancar, the crack length reaches 60 meters

with a width of about 1.5 meters.

H Agus, the manager of hot spring resorts of Mount Pancar, Thursday (30 / 6) said the cracks in the two points that had been occurring for about a half months ago. He said this condition is not yet officially reported to the relevant parties and BKSDA sepertiPemkab Bogor. "I communicate through via telephone to sekdes course," he explained.

This condition is extremely dangerous because of the location of the crack just above the bathing area is visited by many people. Media Monitoring Indonesia at that location is clear of land subsidence and cracks began bathing sites up to several hundred meters.

In 2010, the region of Mount Pancar also shocked by the shift of land that extends for three miles. (DD/OL-04)

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