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Torrential Rains and Floods Continue to Pound Southern & Central China

A new round of heavy rains and flooding in China's central and southern provinces has left seven more people dead and seven missing over the last three days… according to state-run media reports.

China’s state-run Xinhua News Agency says the rains are still ravaging the regions, nearly two weeks after leaving at least 105 people dead and 65 people missing.

The torrential downpours, which have battered previously drought-stricken sections of China since Monday, have forced about 88-thousand people to evacuate their homes.

The flooding damaged 70 square miles of crops, toppled 730 homes and caused economic losses topping $30 million.

The bout of torrential rain also battered several other provinces along the Yangtze River, including Jiangxi. There about ten thousand people were evacuated as water in several rivers rose above warning levels.

The torrential rain pounded 25 counties and cities in Jiangxi Province, flooding roads and farmland. More than 70-thousand have evacuated there, and over 1,300 houses toppled.

The rain is predicted to last until Friday (June 17) in some regions, and spread to northern China in a few days.

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