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» »Unlabelled » Mysterious "pit of death" Sinkhole appears between the Capital

Mysterious "pit of death" appears between the Capital

( Tinonline ) - Around the on Nguyen Trai (Hanoi) suddenly appeared two "death pit" between the lines, causing danger to road users. Explaining this phenomenon, some experts in the field of construction, said the emergence of the "pit of death" there is nothing strange.

Talk to us about the phenomenon, Assoc. Dr. Nguyen Van Hung, former Rector of the University of Construction, said the two holes suddenly appeared on the death of Nguyen Trai (Thanh Xuan, Hanoi) may be due to pipe water supply system is broken for a long time caused the phenomenon.

Assoc. Dr. Nguyen Van Hung said that in routes such as Nguyen Trai street flooded the road are usually weaker than the water line is not folded. Areas where sewage discharge will also create erosion of the road, leaving the weaker lines. Particularly dangerous areas where drainage systems, leaking or broken will cause soil erosion, sand in the heart of the stronger lines, causing a hollow of the road.

Morning 13 / 6, on Nguyen Trai suddenly appear two "pit of death.

Additionally, under very high pressure stream of water (water pump for family use - reporter) will lead to erosion and water washed away soil, sand and gravel more, emptying the road each day a more extensive and cause under the road every day a large gap.
The long-term erosion of the road leading to the rock only to a certain time, the road will drop down to form the "death pit". As the water spray holes appear after death is the groundwater below the extruding up.

Assoc. Dr. Nguyen Van Hung said, now on the many roads of Hanoi sometimes appear small holes obstructing traffic because the original pavement cracks, then rain, rain water seeped into the road, long on erosion and broken pavement, forming a small hole, the drive buffalo, elephant drive on the road.

"With such routes need to be remedied immediately, if not wet when it rains the water will continue to penetrate and disrupt the supply lines and appears the stakes, the bigger potholes and holes E god on the road, "Assoc. Dr. Hung said.

Soil, sand and sparkling water after the "death hole" appears.

Morning 13 / 6 people found on Nguyen Trai, area in front of the Song Da Corporation, suddenly appeared a large subsidence crater, causing danger to road users.

Subsidence hole location is located on the main axis of Nguyen Trai, Ha Dong-way - Hanoi, close to the median strip with lanes for buses. This is a construction plumbing, just a crossroads Nguyen Trai - can not be held as long as 200m.

Large crater, an area of over 10m2. The surface is fractured lava notice, the surrounding rock falls down a lot. In particular, holes appear around the edge of the palate is quite deep, very dangerous.

Below appears a lot of pit sludge, soil bubbling. The people in the neighborhood said it was the frequent location subsidence. The last occurred over a month with broken water system, high spray head to the pavement a few dozen meters, causing flooding surrounding areas.

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